The Ian Joyce Memorial Trophy

Each year there is a club points competition based on the number of club rides completed. This is done by awarding 3 points for a full ride and 1 point for a part-ride for Saturday, Sunday, Thursday. So, divide the number of points by 3 to give the approximate number of rides that person has taken part in during the year. Tuesdays are not counted at all though 🙁.

For the 2022 club year, ending 31st August, the top ten for each day were:


Pete Cartledge90
Steve Booker76
Mark Lawrence57
Bob Lunt48
Pete Dack27
Phil Webb27
Alec Marley27
Fred Lynn22
Nick Hopkinson21
Bob Johnson18


Nick Hopkinson111
Frank Turner96
Bob Johnson57
Bill Kinnally53
Graham Brake51
Simon Nadin51
Geoff Morgan45
Steve Ward42
Pete Dack33
Mark Lawrence23


Graham Brake126
Mike Bosomworth106
Michael Brawley94
Pete Dack94
Nick Hopkinson93
Steve Ward84
Sean Christie76
Greg Cottrell63
Mark Lawrence55
Dennis Moorhouse49

The three people with the most points are: 3rd Pete Dack with 154

2nd Graham Brake with 192

1st Nick Hopkinson with 225

Nick Hopkinson is therefore the winner of the Ian Joyce Memorial Trophy for 2022. Congratulations Nick !

The full list is shown below:

1Nick Hopkinson225
2Graham Brake192
3Pete Dack154
4Mark Lawrence140
5Steve Ward127
6Michael Brawley127
7Steve Booker124
8Mike Bosomworth112
9Frank Turner105
10Pete Cartledge102
11Bill Kinally98
12Geoff Morgan90
13Bob Johnson87
14Sean Christie83
15Phil Webb72
16Greg Cottrel69
17Simon Nadin60
18Steve Pearson57
19Fred Lynn52
20Dennis Moorhouse52
21Bob Lunt48
22Kath Varley34
23Mike Graham33
24Alec Marley31
25Paddy Hostfield12
26Stuart Whittle6
27Kenn Hunter6
28Chris Andrews6
29Brendan Spencer3
30Howard Blakely3