Recycling of Tyres and Tubes

The article below is based on a newsletter item from Wheel Easy, Harrogate, dated May 2021

Recycling of Tyres

Do you change your own bike tyres? Do you have a few old tyres and inner tubes lurking in the corners of the garage? If the Environment Bill 2020 currently making its way through parliament is passed then the scrapping of bike tyres will become illegal. Currently over 44,000 tonnes of waste bicycle tyres and inner tubes enter landfill every year. A recycling scheme run by Velorim Limited is being rolled out across the UK. The scheme is funded by consumers by means of a levy of 50p per tyre and 20p per inner tube.

You can find your local collection point on the Velorim website and background information here (

Donate your Inner Tubes
Alternatively, you can donate your inner tubes to cycleofgood by post or to one of their collection centres. Cycleofgood currently employ 33 tailors in Malawi, with ambition to employ 100, who craft functional and beautiful products for us to buy. They pay a good wage, teach valuable skills and treat their employees fairly in a sustainable working environment where reducing waste and recycling is part of their ethos. Read more about them here –

Resurrection Bikes for Roadworthy Tyres and Inners

If your tyres and inner tubes are roadworthy then please consider donating them to Resurrection Bikes where they will be used on restored bikes and sold to the public.
Resurrection Bikes