Posting a ride report – really, it’s easy 😁

FAQ: “How do I post a ride report on the website ?”

I’ve set up an easy-peasy way to do it with the minimum of effort. You can now post a ride report by simply typing an e-mail and sending it to a magic address. I won’t give the address here but ask in WhatsApp any time. The current address begins with the letters “boy” – if you use something else, it won’t work.
The Subject of your e-mail will become the report’s title, so something like;

Wetherby to Glasgow, Sunday 30th June 2024, 235 miles 
The first two lines of your e-mail must be:
[category Ride report]
[comments off]

And yes, you do need those square brackets. After that, type anything you like. Most formatting (bold, underlines, emojis etc) should be honoured and pictures can be included inline or (better) as attachments. When you’ve finished, just add the line:


That’s all folks. If you’d like to copy me in for the first few e-mail attempts then feel free, I can then quickly check that all is well and guide you along the sacred path of webmastery if it isn’t.

If you want to link to the report from Facebook just copy the URL of the web report (i.e the address from the top of your browser) and paste it into the Wetherby Wheelers Facebook group. This saves much copy-and-paste palaver 👍😁