Covid-19 Risk Assessment

Wetherby Wheelers Covid-19 Risk Assessment : 2nd December 2020

Leeds is in the Government’s Covid-19 Tier 3 restrictions – organised club rides are allowed if the appropriate national body’s guidance is followed and there is a risk assessment in place. Wetherby Wheelers will follow British Cycling’s guidance.

Wetherby Wheelers Covid 19 Risk Assessment

The 2m rule can be 1m plus if mitigation is in place.   Mitigation includes: firm advice not to attend if showing any symptoms, avoiding large gathering at the start or during rides e.g. at coffee stops (takeouts only) by varying times and locations, carrying and where appropriate e.g. ordering coffee, a face covering and hand gel. 

The follow additional risks needs managed:

RiskLevelControl measure
Riders with symptomsHighAny riders with symptoms or who is required to self isolate or quarantine should not attend any group ride.
Large gatherings at the start , on route and finishMedium / LowAvoid large gatherings at the start , on route and finish
  Leaders should choose to keep with a small group of known riders to minimize contact.
 .Rides to start from a variety of locations and at varied times to avoid large groups forming.
Track and trace requirementsGroups limited to 6 by law. Ride Leaders must keep a record of who was on the ride for 14 days
. Groups to avoid each other on the road and to stop and create a 2 minute gap if necessary.  Groups on a similar loop or section of road must remain as a tight group to avoid the merging or blurring of different groups
 If the ride is full others should not attempt to join.
  Meeting outdoors is restricted. The law limits you to groups of 6 outside.
Riding too close to other riders and other road / path usersHigh / MedCurrently the guidance is to maintain a 1m gap from other riders with mitigation. Consideration of other road users; cars, cyclists, runners and pedestrians and keeping a gap is required.
 If social distance is not maintained at all times then if a member of the group later tests positive for covid 19 others in the ride may be required to self isolate. Leader to keep a record of persons present.
  Social distancing should be maintained even whilst taking a group photo. Any photos posted on social media should show social distancing was maintained.
 Wetherby Wheelers recommend all riders have and use the NHS Covid-19 app.
Potential loss of skill and fitness during lockdownLowRide leaders should be clear on the distance and intended pace of all rides.
Nutrition and hydrationMedSnacks and drinks even if a cafe / take away stop planned. Every rider to bring their own, since there is no guarantee that such venues will be open. No sharing.
 An increasing number of cafes are opening, some have reduces opening days and hours. Masks are required in all shops and takeaways and in some public areas.
 Leeds lockdown rules apply to residents when in Leeds and elsewhere. You are not allowed to associate inside any cafes with persons not in your household, even if you are in a Tier 2 area. Wetherby Wheelers club rides will NOT allow inside cafe stops during the period of intervention.  Takeaway stops managed within social distancing rules are allowed.
Emergencies and First aidMedRiders (as usual) to be responsible for getting home if unable to finish the ride. Public transport may not be appropriate or available
  Carry a face covering or buff and small hand gel
Travel adviceGovernment advice is to avoid travel outside the area ‘Leeds’.

Mike Bosomworth
Secretary, Wetherby Wheelers
4th December 2020