Club Rules

Wetherby Wheelers Club Rules 2020

  1. The Club Shall be known as WETHERBY WHEELERS.

  2. The Club Shall be affiliated to:
    ❖ The British Cycling Federation
    ❖ Cycling Uk (CTC)
    ❖ The Road Time Trials Council
    ❖ The Yorkshire Cycling Federation

  3. The Aim of the club shall be to promote and develop involvement in and enjoyment of all aspects of cycling for club members.

  4. Membership of the club shall be available to all cyclists.
    ❖ Every individual desirous of becoming a member shall complete an application form and submit it with the appropriate fee.
    ❖ The Club reserves the right to refuse an application for membership or remove membership without specifying a reason.
    ❖ There shall be no refund for part year membership.
    ❖ Any application regarding Juvenile membership must be accompanied by a completed Parental consent form. This form shall be applicable until the member reaches 16 years of age.
    ❖ Members aged 12 and under must be accompanied by a parent or adult accepting responsibility for that member on the club run.

  5. The categories of membership shall be as follows.
    ❖ Juvenile Membership – up to 16th Birthday.
    ❖ Junior Membership – 16 to 18 years.
    ❖ Senior Membership – over 18 years.
    ❖ Full Time Student – Conditions apply as per membership form.
    ❖ Second Claim Member – Conditions apply as per membership form.
    ❖ Social member – That is a non – riding member.

  6. Only First Claim members shall be eligible to win Club Trophies and awards. Only First Claim members shall be eligible as Club officials unless elected at AGM.

  7. Membership Fees / Annual Subscriptions shall be decided annually at the Annual General Meeting and are payable in full on September 1st each year.

  8. The Club Strongly Recommends that all members have third party insurance/litigation cover whilst riding their bike with/for the club. This can be provided by British Cycling or Cycling UK (CTC) membership.

  9. The club accepts no responsibility for any incident/accident which might occur whilst riding with the club or in any event promoted by the club.

  10. Any existing member not having paid his/her annual subscription by 30th September shall be deemed to have resigned and shall forfeit all privileges, rights and benefits resulting from membership to the Club.

  11. Members desirous of resigning shall notify the General Secretary prior to the 30th September in any year.

  12. Non Members wishing to participate in Club activities may do so as a Guest unless this specifically contravenes any rules relating to and regarding affiliation rights, insurance and entry to B.C.F or R.T.T.C events. A Guest may participate in any number of Club events but may be liable to a charged a premium of 50% in addition to the Entry Fee for each event. Where entry is free to members a nominal charge may be levied against guests.

  13. The management of the Club shall be by an Executive Committee of Club officials who shall be elected annually at the AGM.

  14. The Executive Committee shall consist of the following officers of the club.
    ❖ The Chairman
    ❖ The General Secretary
    ❖ The Treasurer
    ❖ The Rides and Runs Captain/s
    ❖ The Social Officer
    ❖ The Press Officer
    ❖ The Racing Secretary
    The Committee/Club can also appoint honorary Auditors who need not be Club members but shall be members of the Executive Committee. The Committee shall also be able to nominate a suitably qualified Junior/Welfare Officer as required by British Cycling for affiliation rights. (Candidate J/WOs will need to have a Disclosure and Barring Service check DBS) Further details at British Cycling Website.
    The Executive committee shall meet as often as its members consider necessary but at least on four occasions per annum.

  15. Five members shall be present to form a quorum; except when there are vacancies on the committee at the time of the meeting, in which case 50% or more of the remaining members of the committee must be present.

  16. Any member absent from the Executive Committee on three consecutive occasions without offering a reasonable explanation or obtaining leave of absence shall be deemed to have resigned, and the executive committee shall fill the vacancy.

  17. It shall be the responsibility of the Executive Committee to see that the aims of the Club are considered at all times and that the Rules and function of the Club are maintained to the benefit of all members.

  18. Any member wishing to organise a club activity under the name of Wetherby Wheelers must first gain the approval of the committee.

  19. The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held in September. At least 14 day notice of that meeting shall be given to members. They shall each receive a copy of accounts, a copy of the Agenda, notice of any nominations for election to the Executive Committee and notice of any amendment or addition to the Club Rules.

  20. The Executive Committee shall be appointed at the A.G.M. Where for any reason it is not possible to fill each and every office by election at the A.G.M the elected officers shall make whatever arrangements are necessary for the duties of the vacant posts to be covered, provided that any additional persons appointed to the office by the committee do not act as voting members unless their appointment is ratified by a full ballot of Club members.

  21. Items for the A.G.M agenda and any proposed amendments of or additions to the Club Rules along with nominations for officers of the committee shall be notified to the General Secretary at least 28 days before the meeting.

  22. An Extraordinary General Meeting E.G.M can be called by the Executive Committee or by at least 50% of the Club members. A minimum of 28 days’ notice to be given to the Club members before the meeting together with a copy of the Agenda for the meeting. Or a copy of relevant amendment or addition proposed.

  23. The Financial year shall commence on September the 1st each year and end on August the 31st, after which date the Treasurer shall prepare the Balance Sheet and any subsidiary accounts which shall be presented to the Club Members at the A.G.M.

  24. Any matter not provided for in these rules shall be dealt with by the Executive Committee whose decision shall be binding on all parties – providing that should this involve a modification of Club Rules, this shall be rectified at an A.G.M or E.G.M called under the terms outlined above.

  25. No alteration, amendment or addition to these rules shall be made except with the consent and approval of at least Two Thirds of the Members Present at an A.G.M or E.G.M as called under the terms outlined above.