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Fundraising Ride for the Yorkshire Brain Appeal 2023

In the last two years, we have raised funds for Yorkshire Air Ambulance, focusing on the weekend of 2nd July.  This year we have decided to make a change. Some of you will be aware already that Mike Bosomworth has tired of riding across continents for charity, or maybe there was some problem with the Black Sea, but anyway, he is taking on the challenge of an iron triathlon (Ironman) to celebrate the beginning (for him), of another decade on the planet.

He is raising money for The Yorkshire Brain Appeal, so everything which we can raise will go to help Mike’s effort.  Riders on both Saturday and Sunday rides are invited to voluntarily contribute £10 and the Just Giving page is open already:

Please give as much as you can to support a good cause and one of our members, and if you can approach any family or friends to chip in as well, then please go for it.


He’s done it! Mike Bosomworth completed his Iron Man Triathlon in 14hrs 44mins well within the time limit. This amazing success has been greeted all over social media with comments like ” Congratulations, Mike”, “a Great Achievement” and “You Mad B*st*rd”.

Mike’s fundraising page for Brain Research is still open and the lesser Wheelers (i.e. the rest of us) will be hoping to boost his total next weekend, especially with our 115+ mile ride to Beverley.


Tyre Tools

Here’s an article from Cycling UK website/magazine about tyre tools.

I have the smaller version of the Cycle Pal which works well but the Var tool sounds worth a look. Thanks to Fred who asked about it.


P.S I have the Var and the Cycle Pal. The latter is slightly better but doesn’t fit in a saddlebag smaller than a caravan – Mark

Wetherby Wheelers Majorca Trip 2023

The Wheelers trip to Majorca in 2023 will be from Monday 17th  April for 7 nights returning on Monday 24th April, using Jet2 holidays and flying from Leeds/Bradford airport.

We will be staying at the Pollensa Park and Spa Hotel once again. Book half board or full, the choice is yours.

If you are thinking of going and would like a single room, don’t delay as these get booked up quickly.

Some members are taking their own bikes, the cost with Jet2 is £60, plus a small addition to the coach transfers.

Those hiring, usually use the bike hire companies in Port de Pollensa, the nearest one being Pro Cycle Hire, right opposite the hotel.  

25th January 2020 – Wetherby Wheelers Presentation Night

The Wheelers Presentation Night for the 2019 season was held at the Sant Angelo Restaurant in Wetherby.  The club booked the function room, after people said they preferred this to the conservatory.  There was the presentation of awards, made by the chairman, Nick Hopkinson, followed by a buffet and the return of the raffle.

Anthony Ashworth with the 50 mile TT trophy, he also won the club 25 mile TT trophy, 10 mile TT trophy and the hill climb Trophy.

Anthony Ashworth with the hill climb trophy and runner up Michael Brawley

Graham Brake (right) winner of the Tourist trophy for the most points gained overall for Wetherby Wheelers rides and Frank Turner most points gained in the Sunday rides

29th August 2019 – Wetherby Wheelers Hill Climb Championship

The Wetherby Wheelers hill climb championship was this year held on the Weardly Bank climb (the longer section), within the Seacroft Wheelers open hill climb, due to not having police clearance for the Norwood Edge climb.  Many thanks to them for organizing this event.  

Well done to all Wheelers who entered this testing event, congratulations to Anthony Ashworth for winning the Championship and also coming 1st in the Seacroft Wheelers event.

Whetherby Wheelers podium places:

1st      Anthony Ashworth          06:08:3

2nd     Michael Brawley             06:49:0

3rd      Jim McQuaid                  06:50:5

Full results are on the results page.

25th July 2019 –  Wetherby Wheelers ’10’ mile Championship

The Wetherby Wheelers 10 mile Championship was held on the V212, A168 course in conjunction with the Cyclesense league.  On a very hot evening it was Anthony Ashworth  who set a scorching time of 21:35 to win the Championship and also 1st place in the Cyclesence league event.

In 2nd place was Nic Drever-Smith in only his first season of time trialling.  In 3rd place was Jim McQuaid seconds ahead of Nige Raper and Dave Johnson.

In the new Road bike competition Dave Rowley pipped Jonathan O’Rorke for 1st place by 3 seconds, with Brendan Spencer taking 3rd place.

1st        Anthony Ashworth         21.35

2nd       Nic Drever-Smith           24.44

3rd       Jim McQuaid                   25.02

Standard Road Bike

1st         Dave Rowley                 27.44

2nd        Jonathan O’Rorke          27.47

3rd         Brendan Spencer           28.02

20th June 2019 – Wetherby Wheelers 25 mile Championship

The Wetherby Wheelers 25 mile Club Championship was held on the V235, A168 course in conjunction with the Cyclesense League.

Anthony Ashworth is again the club 25 mile Champion in a fast time of 55:56, in second was Nic Drever-Smith in his first year of time trialling and his first ’25’, in third place was Jim McQuaid, closely followed by Dave Johnson, who was also taking part in his first ’25’.  Bad luck to Nige Raper (DNF) due to a mechanical.

1st      Anthony Ashworth                    55:56

2nd     Nic Drever-Smith                    1:04:36

3rd      Jim McQuaid                           1:07:16

23rd March 2019 – Harrogate Nova 15 mile TT

Anthony Ashworth was off to a flying start in the 2019 time trial season. He finished 5th in the Harrogate Nova CC (YCF Points Series) 15 mile time trial. Time: 32:57 Position: 5 gaining good points already for the YCF points series.  Also Wetherby Wheelers Dave Rowley putting in a good performance at the event, on his comeback from last years illness, to finish in the top 50.

26th January 2019 – Wetherby Wheelers Presentation Night

The Wheelers Presentation Night for the 2018 season was held at the Sant Angelo Restaurant in Wetherby.  After an excellent meal and complimentary wine, the awards were made by chairman Nick Hopkinson.

 10 Mile TT Championship, left to right, 3rd Nige Raper, 2nd Jim McQuaid, 1st Anthony Ashworth

16th December 2018 – Ride out Christmas Dinner to Ripon

The Wetherby Wheelers traditional ride out Christmas Dinner was to the Sun Parlour Café in the Spa Gardens in Ripon.  Eighteen Wheelers rode to the café in a few groups at various speeds to be met by the friendly staff at the Sun Parlour with a glass of fruit punch, followed by a 2 or 3 course traditional Christmas Dinner.

Fuelled by Brussel sprouts, etc. there was a swift return back to Wetherby once again splitting into groups,  some people regrouping for a few drinks back at the Mews to top of an enjoyable day out.

25th July 2018 to 15th September 2018 – Canada, coast to coast

by Mike Bosomworth

This ride that began in Vancouver on July 25th, proved
to be a much bigger challenge than my ride across the USA, primarily I think
because the roads were much more difficult, if not at times downright
dangerous. On the whole, there was no alternative to the main trans Canadian
route (Highway 1 or 17 depending on the province). Consequently I just had to
ride on a very narrow hard shoulder, or in the traffic itself. The Canadians who
were extremely friendly at all times and patient when at a road junction, seemed
to think that they had the right to drive at, or above the speed limit once on
the highway, irrespective of what else may be present. The motorised vehicle is
king! I was run off the road more than once and was even reported to the police
for riding on the highway! All of that was before I entered Quebec Province,
where the attitude to cycling was completely different. There, there were
hard shoulders, or cycleways to ride on much of the time and cyclists were far
better tolerated if not welcome (vivre La Quebec)

Unfortunately, I developed saddle sores early in the ride
and they were certainly a very real problem. Fortunately they did eventually
begin to heal, but as they did, I developed what I think was metatarsalgia,
especially in my right foot. The joys of long distance cycling!

I was disappointed at the amount of wildlife that I saw. No
moose and one black bear that was laid at the side of the road. In Quebec I
followed the route of the whales, but sadly none seen.

Perversely, just as I hit unseasonably late snow in the
Rockies in the US, in Canada I hit a heatwave with temperatures up to 43oC in
the Rockies and on the prairies.

Enough of the negatives. I saw some fantastic sights e.g. the
Rockies, the Hoodoos at Drumheller, the dinosaur provincial park in Saskatchewan.
Lake Superior region was superb and there, Agawa Bay was well worth the visit.
It’s great to be able to say that I swam in Lake Superior! The scenery in
Quebec was spectacular. On occasions I was treated to beer, coffee, cake and
shared a BBQ with a guy at a motel in Manitoba. I met some wonderful people and
saw some amazing countryside.

I cycled back in to Quebec city on September 15th having cycled
as far up the Gulf of St Lawrence as Moisie, a small village about 20 miles
north east of Sept-Iles. I think that I can now fairly claim to have cycled
across Canada. The total distance cycled was 4,317 miles horizontally and
around 25 miles vertically!  As I have
said previously this was a much bigger challenge than my ride across the US.
Although cycling alone in Canada, I could not have done it without the support
of family and friends back home and those that I have met along the way. This will
almost certainly be my last solo long distance bike ride. It was a real challenge
but also a real experience. There are more genuine and friendly people in this
world than the other kind. It is also true that challenges like this give time
for reflection and make one appreciate just how important family and friends
really are.

If you would like to sponsor me please visit

Many thanks to those who have already done so.

7th October 2018 – Monsul Hill Climb

Wetherby Wheelers Jim McQuaid has been flying the colours for the club in the Monsul Hill Climb in Derbyshire, he completed the steep, in parts 17% climb in 2 minutes 15.3 seconds.

The course record was nearly broken on the day by Calum Brown in a time of 1.14.4, two tenths of a second slower than Malcolm Elliots 1.14.2 set in 1981.

Jim Mcquaid Wetherby Wheelers V 02:15.3

Monsal hill climb is 675 yards with a gradient of 1 in 6, suitable for fixed gear.
Some describe the climb as a sprinters climb. The start is pretty much flat for the first 150 yards but soon starts to climb once you pass the drive way on your right. All then goes quiet for while until you can hear the roar of the crowd and live commentary.
Once you pass the road sign on your left the lactic kicks in and from there till the end is a non stop effort to the line which is right outside Hobb’s Cafe.

The course record is held by Malcolm Elliott with an amazing time of 1:14.2, this was set back in 1981. The only other rides to come close were Joe Clark and Adam Kenway. Adam won in 2016 with a blistering 1:16.5, just 2 tenths faster than Joe.

9th September 2018, Wetherby Wheelers Hill Climb – Norwood Edge

The Wetherby Wheelers Hill Climb was held on the Norwood Edge climb.  After a day of rain on Saturday, Sunday morning was dry by the time the event started with a light south westerly breeze.  First off was Adrian, who gave us a fright when he veered on to the verge for the first 10 metres, but he recovered well to regain the tarmac and still record a good time.  The rest of us followed, gasping for air in no time with legs burning and starting to doubt this was a good idea, riding up Norwood is hard anyway but racing up is another matter.  Jim set a great time of 8 minutes dead, and prospective new members Jo and Nic set excellent times in their first ever timed event.  But as expected Wheelers top Time Trialist, Anthony Ashworth scorched up the climb  to record 06.37.  Followed by last man off Steve ending up in 3rd place on the podium for the first time and probably the last.  A big thankyou to time keepers and marshals Dennis, Frank, Pete and Sharon, without you guys supporting the club there would be no events like this.


1st Antony Ashworth 06.37 2nd Jim McQuaid 08.00 3rd Steve Ward 08.31 4th Adrian Ware 09.33 Guests: Nic Drever Smith 08.39 Jo Drever Smith 09.59

Anthony Ashworth winning the Wetherby Wheelers hill climb up Norwood Edge

More photos in the Gallery page

9th August 2018, Wetherby Wheelers 10 mile Championship

The Wetherby Wheelers Club 10 mile Championship was held on the V318 Tadcaster course, in conjunction with the Cyclesense Evening League.

Congratulations to Anthony Ashworth who was once again the 10 mile Champion for the Wheelers, also finishing 2nd on the night in the Cyclesense league, in a time of 22:17.  In 2nd place for the Wheelers was the ever improving Jim McQuaid (25:58), in 3rd Place was Nigel Raper (26:23).  1st second claim rider was James Milner (24:34). Congratulations also to Pete Cartledge who was fastest vet for the Wheelers. Well done to the rest of the Wetherby Wheelers who took part, for supporting this event.

Also a big thankyou to all club members who have helped with the marshalling this year.

Club Championship 25 mile time trial

Due to the cancellation of the club championship 25 mile time trial, in an open event earlier this year, qualification for this is now through any open event entered this year.  There are still a few 25’s left to enter this year in the Yorkshire region, check the CTT. website for details.  Forward your times and details to myself: 

27th January 2018 – Wetherby Wheelers Presentation and Social Night

FrankTurner receives an honorary membership to the Wetherby Wheelers for his long service to the club.  Frank is always on hand to lend support to new members and will always unselfishly wait and ride back with anyone struggling on a ride, although he is more than capable of staying with the faster riders.

Anthony Ashworth recieves the 10 mile TT Trophy            Roy North recieves the Presidents Award for his stirling 

he also won the 25 mile TT Trophy.                                    work as Chairman over the last 3 years.  

                                                                                             Roy was also 2nd in the club hill climb.  

Steve Ward, 2nd 10 mile TT, 2nd 25 mile TT              Nigel Raper, 3rd 25 mile TT, 3rd in the Hill Climb 

 Dave Rowley 3rd in the 10 mile TT Championship                  Graham Brake recieves a bottle of wine for being the best attended

                                                                                                   rider on the Thursday Club Runs.

28th December 2017 – Wheelers Bob Johnson gives an insight into the world of Audax

Audax – for those ‘imbued with the spirit of long-distance
cycling’. ‘Long distance’ being considered 200km or more as this was what the
French thought audacious to cover between dawn and dusk. However, that was in
1900 and times move on. . .

Audax UK was founded in 1976 to allow British riders to
qualify for the quadrennial 1200km Paris-Brest-Paris. We now have 7,500
members, of which ca.2,200 rode at least one 200km event in 2017. There are 200’s
around the country on almost every weekend and once spring arrives, the 3, 4
& 600’s start to appear. Exceptionally, a few organisers put on 1000’s (4
in the calendar for 2018) and every 4 years, the flagship 1400km
London-Edinburgh-London comes along to tempt you. A staple for experienced
audaxers, and also for those looking for a new challenge, is the title ‘Super
Randonneur’, achieved by completing a 2, 3, 4 & 600 in the same season.

Traditionally, audaxes were undertaken on touring-type machines and a Carridice saddlebag was de rigeur, but
following a hearty debate at an AGM some years ago, the stipulation for
mudguards is now at the discretion of the organiser (and very few do); so these
days I spend most of my rides sat alongside people on stripped-down carbon
bikes, with all their associated pros and cons. I continue to choose to ride
with saddlebag and mudguards for comfort and practicality purposes; perhaps one
day, even with the generous time limits on rides might mean I need to rethink.

The time limits are interesting. Since cycling became the
new sex, the d***-waving fraternity have joined the party, some believing they shouldn’t
be riding AUK events because they’ll probably be too fast for the 15-30km/h range.
Believe me, it doesn’t happen: it’s rare for anyone to be within 20% of the
upper limit for anything over 200km. We have a rather fast lad in the VC167: but
he spent 3 years in Belgium on a pro contract then did the Premier Calendar for
a few years, and even he’s not too quick for audaxes!

Anyway, what did my 2017 look like? It was the usual start with
a handful of 200’s, getting my a**e kicked into shape and knocking off the
winter rough. The first night ride was on Good Friday; a 24hr Easter Arrow
where you form a team (5 max) and devise your own route to land in York on Sat
morning. As Harrogate directly to York is a tad short of 400km, we ambled down
through the Vale of Belvoir, around Rutland Water to Stamford, and turned for
home via Sleaford & Lincoln. Over 100 of us converged on Wetherspoons for
their bargain breakfast (and beer from 9am).

An interesting diversion was an April 700km.  Rides over 699km have a reduced minimum
average of 13.3km/h, so Chris & I formatted this with a Friday teatime
start, riding through the night and the following day to a hotel by Britain’s
longest viaduct at 470km, an excellent dinner plus a full night’s sleep,
leaving a 240km stretch on the Sunday.

300km events are probably my favourite distance. Most begin
at 6am so they’re like sandwiching two 95-mile club runs into one day. It can
be a surreal conversation, when you’re 150 miles in and someone shouts, ‘we’re
nearly done, there’s less than 50 miles to go.’ I found myself on 8 of these
this year.

We had pencilled in a 1000km ride for the Spring Bank
Holiday weekend. Back in the noughties I concocted a couple of routes starting
& finishing in Knaresborough: one goes around the Wash and through East
Anglia to Ipswich before heading westwards towards Milton Keynes; the other
goes to Salisbury via Beverley and Henley-on-Thames, returning through
Stow-o-t-Wold and Leicestershire. Both are designed with 2 nights in hotels
where the beer tastes remarkably good after 500 and 800km. Eight of us opted
for the Anglian version, setting off at 4pm Friday. Sounds an illogical start
time but you have 75 hours for 1000km so this provides for a day ride to
finish, which is always preferable than riding the last 200km through the

I rode the National 400 this year. This is always designed
with fully catered controls providing lots of TLC to encourage people towards
their first full night ride. It sort of beats the 3am garage sandwich being
passed through a hatch. We left a village hall near Shrewsbury at 8am, crossed
Ironbridge Gorge en-route to lunch at Builth Wells, wandered over the Elan
Valley for tea in Aberystwyth, and got blown back along the A44 for bacon
sarnies near Newtown. We obviously did something wrong as 4 of us got back at
1am, but slept for several hours and awoke to find a cooked breakfast on the go
with many people still returning at this time. The official line if you’re one
of the quicker ones on events is that when you get more experienced, you’ll
learn to make better use of the time available.

Another 400 was in Essex; this one has a mid-morning start
and brings you back to the church hall HQ at 270km.  I rode down the day before as a
do-it-yourself 300 to Saffron Walden so my legs were singing as the bunch
dashed up the road to the first control on the A10. It settled down a little and
I rode the rest of the first leg with 2 guys from Crest CC who were intent on
battering one another. Returning to Dunmow at 11pm was an opportune time for
last orders at the Angel & Harp next door. Crest CC were going straight
back out with thoughts of making their Sunday club run. I had several hours
sleep then a lazy ride over the final 140km (3 café stops!) with the laughing

Throughout these rides there was always one eye on LEL at
the end of July. It would be my 5th: some may say I should have got
it out of my system by now, but it’s really a different event each time. I
started my first 2 in Thorne before it all got pulled back to London in 2009. There’s
also a little switch in your mind that, 3½ years after the last one, makes you
forget just how hard it is.

Lots has been written about the 2017 edition; trials and
tribulations over 1400km with over 1400 starters but only 830 finishers. There
was big rain and even bigger winds. I slept well at St Ives during the 4th
night and covered the final 120km on my own to roll in with a day to spare. Perhaps
rather perversely, it’s always fun to return to the finish the day after to
watch people who are on the wire roll in. Many of these get back down towards
York/Pocklington on day 4 then realise they’ve no time to sleep so just keep
going. They look really good 300km later!

I was something of a bit player in the VC167’s quest during
2017 to wrest the AUK club points award from AC Bristol who’d had it for the
last 4 years. Points are awarded for each successful ride (200km = 2 points, 14
for LEL) but to level out different sized clubs, only the top 6 riders are
counted. Despite finishing the season with my highest ever total, I spent most
of the year bouncing in and out of our top 6. Some years ago, we were
complacently leading the club points when a group of 4 from a London club did
the 2600km Calais-Brindisi to round off their season. Chapeau! However, with a
month to go AC Bristol seemed to capitulate and the points pot was ours with a
new record total. Just for amusement, Andy Clarkson and I had agreed to finish
with the same no. of points as joint 6th counters. All good
non-competitive fun.

Paris-Brest-Paris in 2019 anyone? Don’t listen to Geoff –
it’s always better to get off your bike before going to sleep!

2nd September – Record Breaker

Record breaker Anthony Ashworth has been at it again, this time posting a time of 18:58 in the Yorkshire VTTA event on the V718 course at Hull, knocking 34 seconds of his own Wetherby Wheelers fastest ’10’ time.

27th July 2017 – Wetherby Wheelers 10 mile Championship (incorporated in the Cyclesense Evening League)

The Wetherby Wheelers 10 mile Championship was held on the V212, A168 course on what had been a day of blustery showers, but the evening weather turned quite favourable with a light southwesterly wind.  Eight Wheelers turned up for the challenge.  Anthony Ashworth was as usual too strong for the rest of us taking 1st place in 22:00 and 2nd place in the Cyclesense League on the night.  Steve Ward took second place after a hard fought race with Dave Rowley who was only 15 seconds back in third place.  Excellent ride by Chris Wilson in his first TT and on a standard bike to finish 4th in 25:14.  Good rides also from Nige Raper, Ian Langley and Jim McQuaid. It was also another consistant ride from 2nd claimer Paul Felce who recorded 23:26 and 5th overall in the Cyclesense League, making 4 Wheelers in the top 10 on the night, well done all.

Podium Places 

1st                    Anthony Ashworth      22:00

2nd                    Steve Ward                     24:24

3rd                     David Rowley                  24:39

1st  2nd Claim   Paul Felce                       23:26 

  Full results on the Results Page 

Wetherby Wheelers Hill Climb Championship 30th June 2017 – Weardley Bank

On a cool evening with a bit of light rain and a light northerly breeze, Wetherby Wheelers Chris Wilson stormed up the Weardly Bank climb setting off so fast he nearly dragged Frank the ‘pusher off’ with him, to knock 5 seconds of Andy Metcalfes club record in a time of 3:10:00.  Roy North was in second place in 3:30:60 followed closely by Nigel Raper in third in 3:33:30.

Chris Wilson with the 2017 Hill Climb Trophy

22nd June 2017 – Wetherby Wheelers 25 mile Championship (incorporated in the Cyclesense Evening League

Anthony Ashworth was the winner of the club 25 mile championship, making a comeback from a possible cycle career ending accident over winter and setting a PB on this course to finish 4th overall in the inter-club competition. Good rides from 2nd claim members Stu Woods and Paul Felce to finish 5th and 9th overall.  Steve Ward finished 2nd in the Club Championship and Nigel Raper 3rd in his first ’25’.  Good rides also by Ian Langley and Jim Maquaid in their inaugural ’25’.

1st      Anthony Ashworth                   56:48

2nd     Steve Ward                          1:05:08

3rd      Nigel Raper                          1:07:52

Second Claim:

1st        Stu Woods                            57:22

2nd      Paul Felce                         1:01:04   

28th January 2017 – Christmas Social and Presentation Night
Wetherby Wheelers Christmas Social and Presentation night took place at San Angelo Restaurant, Wetherby. There was a Buffet – Bar –   Presentation of Awards –  Raffle and enough pizza to feed an army! 

Getting some extra miles in at the bar          The Raffle                                                   Brendan receives the Tourist Trophy 

28th July 2016 – Wetherby Wheelers 10 Mile Club Championship

Held on the V212 course the A168.

Podium Places:

1st:    Anthony Ashworth      21:40

2nd:   Stu Wood                     22:43

3rd:    Dave Rowley               25:43

Well done to Nigel Raper in his first ever TT, sounds like he will be back for more.  Full results on Results Page.

26th June 2016 – Otley open 50 mile Time Trial

Wetherby Wheelers Anthony Ashworth seems to be re-writing the club records this year.  He came 6th overall and 2nd fastest vet in the Otley CC open 50 TT, his time of 1:49:26 made him Wheelers fastest Vet at this distance.  Wheelers Stu Woods also put in an excellent ride in the same event in a time of 1:54:33.

9th June 2016 – Cyclesense Evening League, 10 mile TT – V910A

Wetherby Wheelers Anthony Ashworth was on good form winning overall in a time of 21.45, 4 seconds faster than second placed Pete Nixon of Seacroft Wheelers.  Anthony and Stu Wood both broke the Wheelers 15 mile TT record on Sunday 11th June, which was held by Stu, when they raced in the YCF,15.  Anthony recorded a time of 29.29 to take the record and finished 3rd out of a full field of 150 riders on the V728 course.  

4th September 2015 – Wetherby Wheelers Survey and Committee Meeting notes

Could members please complete this survey to help us decide the direction of the club over the coming years. The questionnaire can be returned with your membership application or separately back to me via e-mail or to Kathy at her address on the membership form.  There is also a brief committee meeting report.

Feedback questionniare.docx

August Committee Meeting 2015.docx 

6th August 2015 – Cyclesense Evening League – round 13, incorporating the Wetherby Wheelers 10 mile Championship

It seemed a good night for the Wheelers 10 mile championship, but it proved to be hard work back into a blustery wind on the return leg.  Anthony Ashworth still in excellent form was the the winner of the Championship and was second on the night in the Cyclesense league to ex Wheelers member Mac Wontorowski (Alba Rosa) 22.20.  Stu Woods making a good recovery from illness took second in the Championship and 3rd in the Cyclesense League on the night.  Steve Ward took his perennial 3rd place in the Championship and 10th in the Cyclesense League. 

Podium Places:

1st      Anthony Ashworth     22:28

2nd     Stu Woods                  22:51

3rd      Steve Ward                 25:11

Thanks to Jonathan Holt (Mr Motivator) for the photo.

23rd July 2015 – Cyclesense Evening League – round 11

Wheelers Anthony Asworth is in excelent form at the moment coming 2nd in the evening league ’10’ on the V910A course, in a time 21:47, 1 second behind winner Ed Nicholson (Cyclesense).  Good rides from Stu Wood (22.47) and Reece Hackney (23.49).  New to the TT scene, Jeremy Scott and Ian Langley are both steadily improving their times.

Anthony also broke the Wheelers 25 mile TT vet record the previous weekend in a time of 53:15, on a course in South Wales.

1st July 2015 – Wetherby Wheelers 10 mile club record tumbles

Wetherby Wheelers longstanding 10 mile TT record held by Gary Shooter of 20:14 was broken tonight by Anthony Ashworth in a time of 20:07 on the V718 Hull course.  It is still early in the season so there is a chance Anthony may go on to beat this time and become a sub 20 minute man, good luck to him.

25th June 2015 – Wetherby Wheelers 25 mile Championship 2015

The Wetherby Wheelers 25 mile Championships took place on the V232 course.  Which was won by Anthony Ashworth.

Podium Places:

1st    Anthony Ashworth      57:52

2nd   Reece Hackney            1:02:59

3rd    Jeremy Scott                1:06:35

Bad luck to Adrian Ware who thought he had made the podium, until Ash turned up and was pushed down to 4th.

19th May 2015 – Wetherby Wheelers Hill Climb Championship 2015

Weardley Bank course

It was a close fought battle for places in the Club Hill Climb.  On an overcast cool breezy night Andy Metcalf took the title by a mere 0.5 of a second from Reece Hackney.  The battle for third place was even closer with Nige Raper pipping Stu Woods by 0.3 of a second.

Podium places:

1st   Andy Metcalf      3:15:9

2nd  Reece Hackney  3:16:4

3rd   Nige Raper         3:36:3

Thanks to Reece for organising the event and to the marshalls and supporters.

18th May 2015 – Cyclesense Evening TT League Round  6

On the V318 Tadcaster course Wetherby Wheelers Anthony Ashworth had a good ride to finish 4th in a fast time of 23:07 behind winner Kieran Savage (YRC) 22:44.  Good turnout of 8 Wheelers on the night, Ian Langley making his debut in a time of 29:07.  Jeremy Scott (27.09) and Hannah Kilvington (36.02) are also making great progress in thier first season in the TT league.     

7th May 2015 – Cyclesense Evening TT League Round 1

A great start to the Evening TT League for Wetherby Wheelers.  Stu Wood posting a fast time on the V318 at Tadcaster of 23.09 for joint 3rd place, Anthony Ashworth took 6th with a time of 23.17.  3rd Wheeler home Reece Hackney recorded 25.26.  7 riders took part for the Wheelers including 13 year old Hanah Kilvington in her first ever TT. With a few riders to come back from injury, it is looking like a good season in the Evening league for the club.

13th January 2014 – Turbo Session and Social Evening
The first Wetherby Wheelers Turbo evening at Grange Park at Wetherby got off to a good start with 10 riders participating and half a dozen members watching in sympathy whilst sipping their pint!  Reece put on 2×50 minute video workouts on the big screen with commentary.  It is an ideal setup with air conditioning and hardwood floor, with showers available afterwards if required.  The bar in the next room provides refrehments including tea and coffee. 

19th December 2014 – Christmas Social and Presentation Night
Wetherby Wheelers Christmas social and presentation night took part at Grange Park, Wetherby.  There was a Buffet – Bar – Music – Presentation of Awards – Quiz – Raffle for the Wheelers Xmas Hamper. 
A big thankyou to Adrian Ware and his family for once again organizing this event.

10 Mile Championship, 1st, Anthony Ashworth. 2nd, Stu Wood. 3rd Steve Ward. 1st junior, Jonathan Holt.

Stu Wood wins the 25 Mile Championship.  He also won the club Hill Climb on Weardley Bank.

Andy Lee, deservedly receives the Presidents Trophy for his contributions to the club in 2014.

Brendan Spencer wins the Tourist Trophy for taking part in the most club runs, with Frank Turner in 2nd.

13th September 2014 – Team Swift 10 mile TT
Wetherby Wheelers Anthony Ashworth had an excellent result when he finished 2nd overall in Team Swifts 10 mile TT on the V718 course at Hull, out of 150 starters, setting a personal best of 20:25.
It has also been a good season for Wheelers second claim rider Mac Wontorowski, who ducked under the 20 minute barrier for the first time, on the same course during the summer, in a time of 19:59.  He also won his first road race in the same week as the TT. 

7th August 2014 – Cyclesense Evening League Final Round
Anthony Ashworth finished 3rd in the final event of the evening league in a time of 22:48, Ed Nicholson of Cyclesense was 1st in a time of 21:58, Wetherby’s Stu Wood was in 10th place in a time of 23:51. 

18th July 2014 – Wetherby Wheelers 10 mile Championship
It was a good night for the Wheelers 10 mile Championship with warm and sunny conditions, the clear winner was Anthony Ashworth, who has soon got back to his early season form after his injury.  Second place was Stu Wood with Steve Ward in third.  Jonathan Holt put in a good ride in his first 10 mile Time Trial.
1st                    Anthony Ashworth    23:04
2nd                   Stu Wood                 23:37
3rd                    Steve Ward              24:45
1st Junior          Jonathan Holt          29:26
See results page for full details.  

20th June 2014 – Wetherby Wheelers Hill Climb
Club Hill Climb Championships. The hill climb took place on Weardley Bank on Friday 20th June. In a very closely fought contest for first place Stu Wood came out on top by 0.4 seconds from Roy North. Riders and marshals then enjoyed food and drink at the New Inn afterwards. Thanks to all those who turned up.

1. Stu Wood 3 minutes 25.7 seconds
2. Roy North 3 minutes 26.1 seconds
3. Greg Cottrell 3 minutes 58.2 seconds
4. Phil Walker 5 minutes 5.7 seconds
5. Phil Robertson 5 minutes 26.9 seconds

Congratulations to Stu Wood who won the 25 mile TT Championships on Thursday evening and also beat the club 15 mile vets record last weekend.

Thankyou to Andy Lee for organising the Hill Climb and the Marshalls that helped.

1st June 2014 – Wetherby Wheelers TDF Grand Depart Stage 1
Shorts and shortsleaves was all that was needed today on a glorious day for riding the Wetherby Wheelers Grand depart. 13 riders departed from the Town Hall in Wetherby to pick up the course at Harewood. We rode together to Burnsall for a quick cafe stop here and basked in the morning sun by the river. Kathy led a few riders back from here on the Petite Depart, the rest of us headed for Buckden. This stage is classed as flat by the organisers of the TDF, could of fooled me as we toil up Kidstones pass, worth it for the superb descent towards Ayesgarth Falls, or it would have been if a wasp hadn’t found its way into my shades on the trickiest part, unable to take my hands of the bars I had to brake hard and hope I wasn’t stung on the eyeball before I stopped, I wasn’t thankfully. We crossed Aysgarth Falls and climbed up to the t junction at Carperby. This is where we bid farewell to the Midi Depart led by Frank who turned right for Leyburn, still giving them a 100 mile ride.
We were down to 5 riders now for the Grand Depart, mainly the mountain goats. This section of road is very scenic as you hug the hillside with views down to the valley bottom and before long we reach our lunch stop at Askrigg.

Just time to digest lunch before the biggest climb of the day, Buttertubs Pass.  This is where Roy-Quintana is in his element and disappears into the distance.  We regroup at the top, aha, now it’s the turn of the demon descenders, we are the ones that discard their brains at the top and usually have a bit more ballast. 
Fast ride to Reeth after passing the Nova lot again, who are doing the same route, except starting from Leeds, we have been leap frogging each other for a while now.  Next up the steep climb of Grinton Moor on this flat stage, off go’sRoy Quintana again accelerating away, while he is still in earshot I mistakenly shout next right and Roy turns up a steepening road, as we aproach the junction Nige says no it’s straight on here, oops! my mistake, honest.  We take the opportunity to hammer on before Roy hunts us down.  As we climb we are filmed by a camera team on a motorbike slightly in front of us, obviously practicing for the big day, feels like we are proffesionals riding the Tour, hope they recalibrate there speed before Froomy and the rest of the peloton get there! or they will just have shots of the countryside.
A Fast descent to Leyburn follows, coming the other way up a lone rider in team Sky kit shouts ‘hola’, obviosly not from these parts, we deduce that it must be David Lopez on a training ride, probably looking for more Strava segments after getting 25 KOM on his previous recce with Froome.  Sky should teach him a bit of local lingo, he would have got more responce with ‘ay up, how is tha’.
Last stop at Masham, and we are on our last legs after hurtling down from Leyburn, with the help of a local out for a fast ride.
The pace stays high through Ripon and Knaresborough reaching Wetherby after 129 miles and about 8,000 feet of steep dales climbs, if this is a flat stage I better start training for Stage 2, they class that as hilly.

Kidstonespass, Roy and Geoff just before passing a group of riders from Nova

29th May 2014 – Cyclesense Evening TT League, week 5, V111 course
Due to the absence of Wetherby’s Anthony Ashworth after unfortunately braking his collarbone while competing in the Etape du Dales, Stu Wood has been flying the flag for the Wheelers, he finished 8th  (23:56) on the V111 course on a cold and overcast evening, following his 8th place the previous week on the 15 course at Tadcaster where he recorded a fast time of 36.00.  Steve Ward was 11th in the ’10’ still suffering from his eforts in the Richmond Sportive and Howard Blakeley was 27th.
Next week is a ’10’ on the V318 Tadcaster Course.

14th May 2014 YRC Club 10 TT V318 Tadcaster
Wetherby Wheelers Anthony Ashworth is showing some brilliant form at the moment, he finished 1st in the Yorkshire Road Club ’10’ on the Tadcaster V318 course in a new personal best of 22.53.

10th May 2014 – London to Paris
Congratulations to Wetherby Wheelers Brendan Spencer for completing the 300 miles London to Paris Charity ride in what sounds like some inclement weather.

Jr team at finish of L2P  Made it to Paris wet through and 300 miles and got the cigar!!
Thanks to everyone who sponsored me.   Anybody who would still like to please go to www.doitforcharity/BrendanS

8th May 2014 – Cyclesense Evening Time Trial league – Week 2 Selby Fork V910A (10)
Anthony Ashworth maintained his good start to the season with another 5th place in the Cyclesense Evening League in a time of 23:18.  P Macdonald from Yorkshire Road was 1st in 22:21.  Wetherby’s Andy Lee and Howard Blakely were 20th and 27th.  Next Thursday the Wheelers are Marshalling on the V212 course (A168). 

1st May 2014 – Cyclesense Evening Time Trial league – Week 1 Tadcaster V318 (10)
Wetherby Wheelers Anthony Ashworth got of to a good start in the first Evening League Time Trial of 2014, finishing in 5th place in a time of 24:06.  Despite the cold, damp conditions there were some fast times, first place went to Mike Cross (Yorkshire Road Club) in 23:08.  Wetherby’s only other rider on the night Andy Lee finished in 18th position.  Hopefully more Wheelers will be out for next weeks 10 mile TT on the V910A, Selby Fork course. 

27th February 2014 – Wetherby Wheelers in the News

Wednesday 1st January 2014 – Cyclocross, Ripley Castle
The first Ripley Castle cyclocross race.  The first official yorkshire cycle event in 2014 promoted by Harrogate Nova cycling club, was a great spectacle despite the appalling weather.  Riders from under 8 to over 60 completed the course through the deer park and around the castle in driving icy rain.  The senior event was won by Paul Oldham in a time of 58:03 with Ian Bibby in 2nd.  Abbey-Mae Parkinson who competes in our evening TT league won the senior lady’s race although still a junior.  Well done to Wetherby Wheelers Kenneth Wilby who was 20th in the over 50’s age group. 


Friday 20th December 2013 – Wetherby Wheelers Christmas Social & Presentation Night
Grange Park Sports Club was the venue for this years Christmas Social & Presentation night.  There was a great selection of  live music provided by Dave Ryder and Carly with support from Steve Pearson.  A lovely buffet was supplied by the Delicacy Cafe at Bishopthorpe and Andy Lee did his usual great job presenting the awards.  Thankyou to Cyclesense of Tadcaster and Dave Raynor Cyles of Garforth for attending and supplying raffle prizes.  Also a big thankyou to our Social Secretary Adrian Ware and his family for the organisation of the event.
  Mac Wontorowski with the 2013                 Mac takes Ist place in the Wetherby Wheelers 10 mile Championship, 2nd Anthony Ashworth and 3rd Steve Ward
    Cyclesense Evening TT series trophy                                                                                                                         
Stu Wood wins the 25m Championship with Anthony Ashworth 2nd (right) and Steve Ward       Mac Womtorowski wins the 50m Championship with Stu Wood 2nd.
3rd (centre) 
Anthony Ashworth wins the Handicap 10m TT trophy with Dave Rowley 2nd,                         Andrew Metcalf won the hill climb trophy (not present) Mac 2nd, Ash 3rd.
Mac Wontorowski 3rd

Adrian Ware was the winner of the tourist trophy, 2nd Frank Turner, 3rd Bill Kinally

8th December 2013 – Ride out Xmas Dinner
Twenty seven people gathered outside Wetherby Town Hall, ready for the Wetherby Wheelers Xmas ride out Dinner to the Sun Parlour Cafe at Ripon.  We set off north from town on a scenic route via Arkendale, Markington, Fountains Abbey then through Studley Deer Park to arrive at the cafe.  We got a warm welcome from the staff there and were shown to our tables decorated with christmas crackers.  We were served an excellent four course christmas dinner.  Thankyou to all the staff at the Sun Parlour Cafe for looking after us so well.  We departed Ripon carrying a bit of extra ballast for the steady ride back to Wetherby.  On the way back someone who shall remain nameless had no option but to perform a superman impression when detached from his bike.  Any members refering to this in future will be disciplined by the club Chairman.
A big thankyou to Adrian for organising a great day out.

30th November 2013 – Track Session at Manchester Velodrome
The Wetherby Wheelers 2 hour private track session with a BC coach proved to be a great success, joined by riders from Seacroft Wheelers and Guest riders.  Riding the track seemed to be instantly addictive once you had got over the apprehension of being clipped in to a fixed wheel bike with no brakes.  After recieving instructions from our coach and getting the hang of the bikes people were tearing round the track at speeds well in excess of what we would on the road.  Young Hannah riding clipless pedals for the first time, showed great confidence riiding most of the time arround the top of the banking, defying gravity on the 42 degree angles.  Each rider had a go at posting a fast time on the 250 mt flying lap, results below.  People seemed keen to return to the velorome,” I’ll definitely be back.”
Lewis Garity           (guest)       17:22
Stu Woods              (WW)        17:78
Richard Barker        (SW)         17:97
Mil Vasic                 (guest)       18:78
Steve Ward              (WW)        19:03
Andy Lee                  (WW)        19:59
David Broadbent      (SW)         19:60  
Dave Rowley           (WW)         19:63
Phil Walker               (WW)        19:84
Bill Kinally                 (WW)        19:91
Peter Walker             (WW)        20:22
Ken Hunter                (WW)        20:28
Graham Brake           (WW)        20:47
Ian Lazenby               (SW)         20:53
Roy North                  (WW)        20:65
Dennis Moorhouse    (HN)          20:66
Maisey Vasic  jnr.      (Guest)      20:97
Vince Wilson              (SW)         21:13
Howard Blakeley        (WW)        21:25
Rowan Wilson  jnr.      (SW)        21:56
Jonathan Holt   jnr       (WW)       21:59
Jonathan Stancliffe      (WW)       22:40
Chris Czuhra               (SW)        23:63
Hannah Kilvington jnr.  (WW)       25:85 
29th November 2013 – Wetherby Wheelers Commemoritive 2014 TDF Jersey

To commemorate the TDF Grand Depart in Yorkshire in 2014, we will produce a special club jersey.  Designs are kindly provided by David Burnell and Mac Wontorowski, whom will be hoping to be wearing some of the jerseys on our ride out dinner.  Choose which design you like best then go to the Facebook link, and like your favourite design, or contact David.

1                                                                            2, Brooklyn
3, Yorkshire Rose                                                 4


29th September 2013 – Annie’s 15000+ km circumnavigation of Oz
I arrived back in Melbourne on 2nd September so this last trip report is slightly overdue……
So…..the trip comes to an end and what a trip it has been. I can honestly say that I enjoyed every moment of it and I would do it again in a heartbeat.
The journey was a lot about the people I shared it with and made some great friends. I was feeling a little sad when I said goodbye to a couple of very good friends at Broome and apprehensive about the next leg as I thought it would be tough with only 9 riders in total.
It was a totally different experience to the previous legs but it gave me the opportunity to ride with, and get to know, some of the other riders who I might not have done otherwise. The 9 riders became 8 when one left early. He had previously ridden the route and wasn’t enjoying the ride much. The weather started to change along this route and it got a lot colder with some rain. We were still experiencing the most wonderful sunsets and most days the temperature rose into the mid teens or above. There are many places along the west coast that I would like to revisit and have more time to explore, Kalbarri, Coral Bay to name two and I’d also like to visit Exmouth further up the coast.
We had a few days to rest in Perth before meeting some new riders and setting off on the final leg home, across the nullabor. Having “fresh blood” was good for the group and I found a good group to ride with to challenge my fitness. Four of us, all in our 40s, were referred to as the “young ones”, I think someone worked out that the average age was 66! I don’t think I will be referred to as one of the young ones again but I enjoyed it while it lasted.

The Nullabor was not at all as I had imagined. I thought it was absolutely barren but that is not the case, it is covered in vegetation, mainly saltbush. I guess it looks a lot different again in the heat of summer. The 90 mile straight was good fun. The weather was ok, still cold at night, some rainy days and sometimes a headwind especially towards the end of the ride. However we all got very good at upgrading when the weather was bad, indeed there were a group of guys known as the “Hilton boys” due to their constant upgrading. I don’t think their tents were put up once in the last 3 weeks.

It was a time of mixed emotions at the end of the ride, I wanted to carry on…go round again, I enjoyed it so much. It seemed to be over too quickly and I wasn’t prepared for the end. I was taking for granted that I would continue to see all these people day after day after day, then suddenly it was over and all those conversations I thought I would start or continue would never happen and I may never see some of those people again.

I miss the time on the road, the daily ride from A to B, the purpose of each ride, the chitchat with everyone we would meet on the road…a couple of minutes of sharing their lives, meeting the same travellers over and over again as they took the same route as us in their comfortable 4WD and caravans, the routine of each day and then the unknown of what the next place may have in store, the views, the roads, the traffic (or mostly lack of it)….everything really!

Having said all that, it was lovely to be back in Melbourne and catch up with friends here and start a new but different routine. Of course before getting into a new routine, a quick trip to Fiji for some R&R and to renew my visa was called for….it’s a tough life!

Since my return, I’ve frequently been asked what the highlights of the trips were and quite honestly, everyday was great. The things that stand out were more about the people I shared the time with. The Darwin to Broome leg was my favourite overall, great weather, great company, quiet roads.

My bike was the perfect choice for this kind of trip, I found it very comfortable and could sit on it for hours and hours everyday with no discomfort.

During the 15,000+ km ride, I had to replace the rear cassette, chain, and derailleur and both gear cables. I used 6 tyres, (although the first two had some previous wear and the last two are still going strong) had only one puncture out on the road and four in camp. Some of the road surfaces were very bad and one particular section of rough road in NSW completely shredded a tyre. It was the original tyre from build so had done around 4000km since new. Tyres generally needed replacing due to cuts from road debris and/or rough road surfaces rather than being worn. The Schwalbe Marathon tyres were the best used so far.

What’s next? I don’t know….a bit more travelling, still lots of places I’d like to see in Australia, friends to visit.

Thanks for reading and thanks to everybody who has written and to those who haven’t…..why?? Get writing, it’s always good to hear news.

Love Annie
15th September 2013 – Lands End to John o’Groats
Three Wetherby Wheelers members complete LEJOG.  Each by different ways, Adrian using B&B’s, Peter with support from his wife Ann in a motorhome and Graham carried a tent and camped.  Each rode over 1000 miles taking different routes.
Pete took 10 days averaging 105 miles a day.  At the start of the End to End Pete met Colin who lives in Boroughbridge and is a member of Harrogate Nova and they rode the whole route together.
They stopped in Thurso to get some money and whilst standing at the cash machine a member of staff came out and invited them in to join in the celebration for the rebranding of the branch as TSB. An offer which two weary cyclists in constant need of nourishment could not refuse! Much to their amusement they were then asked to cut the celebratory cake, the Manager took a photograph and sent it to the local paper. 

 Pete and Colin cutting the cake at Lloyds/TSB in Thurso. 

Thursday 8th August – Cyclesense Evening TT League, Final Round
Wetherby Wheelers Mac Wontorowski won the final round on the Tadcaster course, which was shortened due to road works to 8.5 miles.  A good night for the Wheelers with 4 riders in the top 10, Anthony Ashworth was 2nd, Steve Ward 5th and Stu Woods 10th. 
Congratulations to Mac, he is, for the second year running, the overall winner of the Cyclesense League.  Going from strength to strength is Anthony Ashworth who finished 7th overall, and if the season had gone on any longer would have finished higher.  Well done to the rest of the Wheelers for showing good support for the league this year and thanks to Cyclesense for their continued backing of the Evening League.   

Saturday 3rd August – Wetherby Wheelers Saturday Morning Ride
The first Wetherby Wheelers Saturday Morning Ride set off from the Sports Club near the river at 9am with 8 new riders and 5 Wheelers members to help out.  We followed a route through Little Ribston, Knaresborough, Minskip to Boroughbridge.  Here we had a Cafe stop at the Chez Nous sat out in the little courtyard.  We returned via Aldborough Lower and Upper Dunsforth, Little Ouseburn on traffic free lanes.  From here to Whixley and Cattle and back to Wetherby, where 11 year old Hannah, with a little prompting, sprinted to take the sign.  An enjoyable 35 miles covered in good company at an average speed of 13.8 mph.  The next Saturday ride will take place on the 17th August.  More details to follow.
Thursday 1st August – Cyclesense Evening TT League (10 mile)
Wetherby Wheelers Mac Wontorowski took second place tonight in a time of 22.46 on the V910A Selby Fork Course on a hot but breezy evening.  Ed Nicholson (Cyclesense) was 1st in 22.11.  Wetherby’s Anthony Ashworth was in 7th place, consolidating his overall position in the league.  Mac just needs a good ride in next weeks final event to be the overall winner for the second year running.  This will be a ’10’ on the Tadcaster Course (meet in the Brewery car park) 1st rider off 7.30pm.  Come down and show your support for the club and the Cyclesense league.

Friday 28th June 2013- Wetherby Wheelers Hill Climb
The new Club Hill Climb took place on Weardly Bank on a very windy evening.  Andrew Metcalf took 1st place in a time of 3 minutes 33 seconds, with Mac Wontorowsi 2nd and Anthony Ashworth 3rd.  It was a good turnout for the first event, followed by a few beers and food at the New Inn at the top of the climb.

Andy near the top of the climb

Thursday 27th June 2013 – Cyclesense Evening TT League
Wetherby Wheelers Mac Wontorowski takes 1st place in the 15 mile TT in the evening league on the V328 course in a fast time of 33:45, followed by Mike Cross (YRC) in 2nd (33:56).  Anthony Ashworth who seems to improve every ride finished 6th in a time of 36.11.  Stu Wood was 3rd Wheeler in 11th place (37:07).  Next Thursday is a ’10’ on the V910A course (Selby Fork, old A1).

Saturday 22nd June 2013 – Rapha Gentlemans Race

York-Whitby-York was the task that lay ahead of the two teams that the Wheelers entered. 116m to cover with plenty of climbing to endure in the North Yorkshire moors in the quickest time possible picking your own route around three check points while avoiding the A169 north of Pickering! No easy task by any stretch of the imagination. With 14 teams taking part the adrenalin was flowing in abundance.  At this point let me say that as a seasoned competitor of sportives this ride had a completely different feel to it.  Not only was everything free, tea coffee biscuits before the off, a chuck wagon at the halfway point at Whitby with snacks & coffee and a choice of three different hot meals plus + beer & larger at the finish & a rapha riding cap for all finishers.  All this and nothing to enter either!!! this is surely the way forward for enthusiastic riders to take part in.  Other pro teams would be wise to take a leaf out of Rapha racing clubs book.
Back to the ride, with a tailwind on the outward leg the pace was keen until we hit the moors, encountering 33% climbs along the way. Once over the moors it was a fast run into Whitby. A quick refuel from the chuck wagon and then back to York into a strong headwind & some nasty drags.  Wheeler’s A were making good progress,  catching other teams ahead of them & then pulling away.  Upon reaching the last check point they were lying third overall. Meanwhile Wheeler’s B were also making steady progress through the field.  Coming into the final few miles and Wheelers ‘A’ were fighting it out for second place with another team eventually coming out on top and claiming second spot overall.  This is where a cruel twist of fate played it’s
hand!  Having lost a rider through illness half way through the race they were down to 5 men, the rules stated sixth man counts.  The first team home were Rapha so they could not claim 1st place so the eventual winners were the team that came in third!  (Confused, so were we) never mind we gave them a run for their money!!.  Wheeler’s B also came in in a respectable mid table position leaving some rather good teams in their wake.  (AW)

A tired looking team back at Race Headquarters, Ash is probably thinking, wish I’d brought some panniers for all this free beer.
see the report by Rapha: 20th June 2013 – Cycleense Evening League 25 mile TT

After a day of overcast weather it decided to rain just before the first of 25 competitors took to the road, but this didn’t put a downer on the evening’s performances. Five wheelers took part, the highest placing going to Anthony.Ashworth 5th in a time of 1hr 2:03 Stu Wood was next in then came Dave Rowley in 14th with Adrian.Ware taking 15th spot.  Howard Blakeley placing 21st.  Only one rider broke the hour and that went to John Roland the overall winner.  Next week sees a return to the Tadcaster 15m course and the weather forecast looks promising so let’s continue with our healthy turnout of Wheeler’s. (AW)
Thursday 6th June 2013- Club 10 mile Championship,
VIII Course (Kirk Dieghton) at 7.30pm
The Wetherby Wheelers Championship ’10’ saw a fantastic turnout of members both riding & supporting.  A total of 15 took part, almost half the overall field. Mac took the number one spot for the second year running finishing second on the night with Ash taking second finishing fifth overall and breaking the 24 minute barrier for the first time this season. Steve Ward claimed third place also for the second year running finishing tenth overall on the night. Of the rest many achieved personal bests.  All in all a great nights riding for everyone. (AW)
1st   Mac Wontorowski    22:42
2nd  Anthony Ashworth   23:59
3rd   Steve Ward             24:15

22nd May 2013 – Etape du Dales

With a dry day forecast hopes were high for a good ride. Ash was his usual apprehensive self but once he got started it was inevitable he would be up there with the best of them! Meeting up with Paul from Cyclesense at the start I figured it would be to my advantage to get off to a flyer while they were chatting, see you both later down the line, and off I went.   With the idea of getting as much time and distance between me and them as possible before they came tearing past me like two learchers after a rabbit. Fleet Moss was looming large and to my surprise neither of them had passed me yet? Almost at the top when a voice from behind said nice bike! It was Paul passing me like I was standing still. Over the top and he was still in sight, the descent was long and fast and reaching 52mph I managed to latch on to his wheel and stay with him for a good few miles until the next bit of ascent came along and then he was off. Still feeling good I pushed on catching a fast wheel or two along the way. Over Buttertubbs and still no sign of Ash! I started to wonder if he had gone past without either of us noticing, then out of nowhere he appeared next to me. My legs feel dead on the hills he says but he goes straight to the front and pulls me along for what seems an age until I can hold his wheel no longer, then he disappears into the distance eventually finishing in a fantastic time of 7hrs18mins silver. I’m still batting along in a promising time when the chain decides to throw its self off the big ring and get jammed between the frame and the chain ring!! A couple of minutes later and a lot of cursing and I’m on my way again only for this problem to reoccur another three times. Ten miles to go and the cramp decides to set in! First the right thigh then the left (a good tip squirt cold water straight onto them it eases the pain instantly). One mile left and I’m still in with a chance of breaking 8hrs.  Through the finish and I’ve cracked it, 7hrs 55 mins, finally getting my silver on the fourth attempt. (AW)

2nd May 2013 – Cyclesense Evening Time Trial League

The first 10 mile TT of the season saw a fantastic turnout of Wetherby Wheelers, to be precise a third of the field with an impressive seven places in the first fifteen.  Mac got off to a dream start in the defence of his title with a 1st in 23.22 (surely more wheelers records will fall to him this season) New signing Stu Wood came in 7th with our chairman Steve Ward taking 8th.  Glen Armstrong just piping Anthony Ashworth to 10th spot.  Shaun Tierney 14th & Andy Lee 16th followed by a host of good finishes by the rest of our members. It looks like its going to be another good season for us if this enthusiasm builds. (AW)

25th April 2013- Seacroft Wheelers Hilly 11 Time Trial
Mac Wontorowski has carried on from where he left off last year, by winning the Seacroft Wheelers Hilly 11 Time Trial at Thorner.  He clocked a time off 27:38.  With John Rolland 2nd in 28:12 and Paul Stainthorpe 3rd in 28.16 both of Cyclesense.

14th April 2013- 
Wetherby Wheelers Mojorca Holiday


Spectacular scenery, mainly smooth quiet roads, wall to wall sunshine with an average temperature of 25C, we were in cycling nirvana.  Cyclists rule the road in Majorca at this time of the year, outnumbering cars by a long way. 

Day1: Arrived at the Hotel late Sunday morning.  Set up our hire bikes for an easy leg loosener to the old town of
Pollenca, where we had lunch in the picturesque town square.  20 miles covered.

Day 2:  Depart hotel in a peloton of about 70 at a fast pace to Binisalem.  Here we split into 2 groups with some of us choosing the harder ride.  From here to Bunola then up the climb of Col d Soller (500mts) and descent into the old town of Soller for lunch.  From here we climb the Puig Major via the village of Fornaluxt.  We climb for about 8 miles then through the unlit tunnel to a much needed cafe stop.  It is then mainly downhill for 15 miles back to Port d Pollenca.  Suddenly Bill appears on my shoulder, who we had not seen since the cafe stop.  He must have come descended the last switchback descent like Fabian Cancellara to catch us.  84 miles and 6500ft of climbing.

Day3:  Recovery ride for myself to Sineu.  Some of our guys carried on from here with the fast group to do some more climbing and total about 80 miles.  The rest of us did 60 miles at an average speed of 15mph; average temperature for the ride was 80F.

Day  4:  Wheelers/Clarion club ride to Lluc, joined by Greg from Leeds and 2 friends from the hotel.   Cafe stop in the lovely village square in Selva.  From here up probably the nicest climb so far through a gorge up to the monastery at Lluc at 2000ft. high for lunch.  A cafe stop at the picturesque bay of Cala San Vincens on the way back.  62 miles covered 4,600 ft of ascent.

Day 5:  For those that did the hard ride (there was a faster ride with a UK Youth Pro but they were in a different league to
us) this was the toughest day of the week.  Fast ride to Selva, a 3 mile climb up to Lluc,  the climb of the Col d Reis, 6 mile descent to Sa Calobra, lunch by the sea, then the 6 mile climb back up Sa Calobra.  Fast ride back to Port d Pollenca.70 miles, 7000ft climbing, avg. Temp. For the ride 78F.

Day 6:  Club ride to Manacor via cafe stop at Arta.  Found what seemed like the roughest road in Majorca on the way to our lunch stop in the square at Manacor, but it was car free for about 10 miles.  We stopped at the bike show in Alcudia on our way back and I was glad I hadn’t brought my credit card.  70 miles covered.

Day 7:  Club run to Bunola.  Cafe stop at Selva.  Climb up to Alaro, then the 4.5 mile ascent of the Col d Orient followed by the shorter climb up the last Col before a fast descent to Bunola for lunch.  Brisk ride back from here to Port d Pollensa.  A few recovery drinks were downed in the bar that evening!   84 miles covered, 4,500ft ascent.

Latest from Annie on her trip around Oz, April 2013
So the first week of the trip comes to an end today, Good Friday. In Cowra. The
campsite took our booking but unfortunately only for 2 tents, not the 15 that we
have. So we are pretty squashed up tonight, might be a long night as we are
very close to the road and some of our group are quite heavy snorers! Also I
think there might be quite a lot of swearing as without fail, we all have to do
a middle of the night wee and it will be difficult to avoid guy ropes and

Since we left Craigieburn last Saturday (23rd), it seems as though
we have had mainly headwinds. The first day started fairly cold and windy along
a busy freeway and I found myself in the lead group with the guns! I managed
about 35k with them until the morning tea stop at a service station. I then
decided to try a different group and cycled with Pete and Fliss who have both
done trips with this organisation before and know each other quite well. It was
a much better pace to end the day and I cycled with them most of the following
day. Over the next few days people settled into a routine and most of them are
very early risers (too early for me). They are much more experienced at this
camping game than me but even so they are up at around 5.30-6.00 every morning
and are packed up, eaten breakfast and ready for off by 7am. I’m not great at
early, cold starts, trying to pack up in the dark is quite tricky but am getting
more used to it.

There’s 15 riders on this leg, Melbourne to Cairns and
there’s a few of the boys who like to cycle at great speed, rarely stopping for
morning tea or lunch and then one or two who like to stop and read every plaque
and take photos of every building and monument. I’m somewhere in the middle. I
have cycled quite a bit with a lady called Jan who is very fit but not great on
hills. At the moment I am stronger than her so I am making the most of that as
I think in a couple of weeks she will be much faster up the hills than I

We’ve ridden through lots of scenery, mainly farmland and vineyards.
Sometimes I think the scenery is a bit like England but missing the derelict old
stone farm buildings that are dotted around the fields and dry stone

A lot of the people on this trip have done similar trips with this
company, although usually only around 4 weeks. Collis and Kathy are the
organisers and so far I have been very impressed. They provide morning tea and
there is always hot water and tea, coffee and biscuits available at camp. I’ve
yet to convince them (or offer them enough money) to put my tent up and down
every day) but our bags are waiting at camp everyday and in the morning after we
have packed up, they are loaded into the van along with all our food

My bike has been great so far. A bike fit at Top Gear Cycles,
Doncaster Road, Balwyn North sorted out the niggling knee pain that I had been
experiencing for nearly a year. It was worth every cent. For theses
interested, the main changes were to the seat height and position, handlebar
position and the stem was shortened. Thank you to Peter for that as well as
sorting out my loose pedal somehow! I was quite prepared that new pedals were
needed but a quick, free of charge fix was done – excellent service.

had a pre-ride service done at Quality Biclycle RepIrs, Union Road, Surrey
Hills. Thanks to Simon and Luke my bike is running perfectly.

Whilst I’m
thanking people here in Australia, of course I should mention Graham and
Juanita. Most people who know them agree that they are the loveliest couple
they know and they have been very good to me since I first met them in NZ in Dec
2011. They like to joke that they haven’t been able to get rid of me since they
invited me to visit for a couple of days back in Jan last year….at least I
think they are joking!

Anyone following me on Endomondo will notice that
I haven’t logged any recent rides. This is because using Endomondo drains my
iPhone battery very quickly and doesn’t last the day. I might find a way to
charge as I ride but I can be found on Strava “Annie Hartley”. That will be
uploaded every week or so and will show the route we are taking.

It’s now a
couple of days later, Easter Monday and we have a rest day in Dubbo. Yesterday
we had a fantastic ride from Molong to Dubbo along a quiet back road with lots
of sculptures of animals on bikes. All the letters of the alphabet were
represented finishing off with a zebra on a bike near Dubbo zoo. It was the best
ride of the trip so far for me, great road, scenery, good weather…not too hot
and a tailwind.

I’ve learnt to check my water bottle and not to drink and
ride and I’m wearing my Wetherby Wheelers top with pride – see pics below. Am
also wearing my Eastern Vets top!

That’s all for now, more on the people
next time, we are all still getting to know each other so are probably a bit on
our best behaviour. I’ll try and make the next email more

Wetherby Wheelers Invitation Ride 16th March 2013
A good ride today via Hunsingore, Askham Richard and back to Thorpe Arch for a Cafe stop before heading back to Wetherby.  There was a low turn out, probably due to the recent cold wintry weather, but it turned out to be a pleasant morning.  Thank you to the 14 Wheelers who turned up to help out.  We will be having another invitation ride this year probably in May, details later.  The planned Saturday rides will be postponed until after this.

Mac Wontorowski earns his first points of the road race season, in the Croft circuit races, sprinting to an 8th place finish.
Event Winter Series:  Round 3 Date: 16th Feb 
Chief Comm:  Mike Milen 
Race A  4th Cat/ ladies (E/1/2/3/4) 
Format:  Scratch (8 laps) 18 miles,  Start Time:  11:00
            Name         surname               Club
1st        Dan            Bryant                   Durham Uni 
2nd       Frank         Montague               
3rd        Luke          Mullen                  Hetton Hawks
4th        Peter         Boyes         
5th        Luke           Preston                Airedale Olympic 
6th        Andrew      Drummon             Border City 
8th        Moiciej       Wontorowski       Wetherby Wheelers
9th        Mark           Robertson            Army Cycling Union 

Xmas Social and Presentation Night 14th December 2012

A great night out was had at the Wetherby Wheelers Presentation and Xmas Social Evening.
Well supported by members and friends, who where superbly entertained by Graham and his band Ticket 415.  The buffet went down well and so did the beer.  Trophies were then presented by Andy our Racing Secratary, followed by the quiz and the raffle, thank you to Graham and Richard from Dave Rayner Cycles for coming over and for their donations for the raffle, thanks also to our Social Secretary Adi for organising a great evening.  

The Coast to Coast riders receive their medals

Mac collects his trophies for winning the Evening Time Trial League and for his 1st place in the
Wetherby Wheelers 10 mile Championship. 

Xmas Ride out Dinner 2012
It was a good turnout for the Xmas Ride out Dinner to the Sun
Parlour cafe in the park, Ripon. The weather was very favourable, cold but
sunny with a North West wind. The wind didn’t prove to be a problem on the way
out, more so on the way back after a 4 course Xmas dinner! Thank you to the
ladies at the Sun Parlour for looking after the Wheelers and to Adrian for
organising the event.

Anglesey in Two and a Half Days
The last weekend in October and you would think the weather would be awful but as the days past by it got better.

Day one: Arrived at the B&B after driving past it several times!  Ditched the bags jumped on the bikes and headed off, destination Holyhead.  Cycling along the bottom end of the isle, skirting the shoreline for a while before cutting back inland to follow the A5 across Beddmanarch Bay and onto the port of Holyhead.  A brisk ride out along soldiers point to the lighthouse at the end of it totally missing the sign at the start of the pier saying unsafe beyond this point! [oh well never have been any good with signage].  Dinner on the harbour in a cafe with a hair salon attached to it [this would be a common site over the course of the weekend along with cement mixers,] it seems every other household owns one in Anglesey.  A stiff ride back to the digs against a strong headwind and a welcome cup of tea after a solid 55m.
Day two: We decided to do the inland route which was for the most part well signposted and very scenic, even when we missed a sign the road led us to a picturesque town where we found another nice cafe who gave us directions to get back on the right route. Another detour down to see the cefini reservoir and then back on route riding along quiet country lanes eventually passing by the RAF training base where fighter jets soared past overhead. Towards the end of the ride we came across a sign giving directions to a cafe about a mile up the road alongside an irrigation canal, it turned out to be in someones conservatory! but the homemade cakes were great. Back at the digs soon after with another good 76m under our belts.
Day three: Leaving the coastal route until the last day proved to be a wise move. By 8.45am the sun was shining in a bright blue cloudless sky with only a slight breeze. We set off anti clockwise on the coastal road around the island aiming to get the hilly part of the route out of the way first. Anglesey doesn’t have any major climbs but the terrain is considerably undulating to say the least with some rather testing drags to contend with, but the scenery makes it worthwhile. Once past the hardest part of the route it was time to top up the energy levels with a cafe break. Guess what was next door? yes another hairdressers! On our way again and its a fast section all the way towards Holyhead passing numerous wind turbine fields inland and off shore. Turning for home before actually reaching Holyhead we are into a slight headwind again and its clouded over a bit, lets push on and get this ride in the bag. One hour later and we’ve finished. A very satisfying weekend of riding. ADI & GRAHAM.

Seacroft Wheelers Hilly ’11’ Time Trial, Thorner: 30th August 2012
Mac takes his first win of the season.

After a rather windy afternoon the weather behaved itself for the Seacroft hilly 11, the closing T.T of the domestic season.  A good turn out of riders took to the course including two Wetherby Wheelers riders, Adrian Ware & Mac Wontorowski. In his own words Mac said – after a frustrating season of second, third & forth placings I am fired up to take this one. And he duly obliged with an outstanding time of 27.42 and in the process making this TT season one of the most successful the club has had in recent times.  After a season nursing a long running injury Adi was content with his time of 34.22. (AW)  

Tadcaster Evening League, sponsored by Cyclesence: 9th August 2012
Wetherby Wheelers Mac Wontorowski is the overall winner of the Cyclesence sponsored Tadcaster Evening League.
He finished third tonight (23.06) on the Tadcaster to Sherbourne 10 mile course only beaten by 2nd claimers Adam Duggleby (20.58),(who broke Ian Cooke’s course record of 21.13) and Mike Cross (22.38).  An outstanding achievement by Mac in only his first year of Time Trialing.  Also an outstanding ride by Glen Armstrong (24.12) to claim 6th place on the night.  Good rides also from Shaun and Ash who are steadily moving up the league positions.  Good support from the rest of the Wheelers including Reece in his first ever TT. Who rode with a heavy bike lock attached after being unable to find the key.  Well done to all the Wheelers who have supported the league this year including the people who have helped with the marshalling.
Tadcaster Evening League, sponsored by Cyclesence: 2nd August 2012
Wetherby’s Mac Wontorowski is in pole position to win this year’s Evening League! a
fter another superb ride on the Cawood 12.5 mile circuit only bettered by Adam Duggleby (Yorkshire Velo s/c)  who recorded 26.26 to equal the course record.  This has been the best supported year by Wheelers riders since the Cyclesence Evening league started.  It is the final event next Thursday on the Tadcaster to Sherbourne course.  Let’s have a show of solidarity for this event, and if you’re not riding come down and give Mac a big shout and us lesser mortals too.  I will be bringing a bottle of champagne with me, so no pressure Mac!
Wetherby Wheelers Coast to Coast Ride: 14th to the 15th of July 
4am Saturday morning alarm sounds,(was this a good idea after all) oh yes!  The weather gods were on our side for a change, cloudy but a pleasant 17 degrees.  A good breakfast at Rita’s cafe in Morecambe and we were away, looking forward to a full weekends riding.  25m in and Brendan can not understand why he’s shattered already, his back brake has only been stuck on from the start! This fixed and fed and watered we are off again and Brendan shoots to the front a new man.  The banter was good and there was a good vibe in the group, miles past quickly until we hit Settle and the steep drag out of it, after a lot of sweat and maybe a few tears we were over it and on the way to our next stop Burnsall for dinner. Someone asked Tony why he always puts tom sauce on everything? Well he says I used to know a pro cyclist years ago and he told me it helped with cramp. Do you still see him we asked? no he died ages ago, something to do with his diet the doctors said!! Back in the saddle and Toms pulling wheelies at the top of Appletreewick (too much cake at dinner maybe?) On towards Ripon now through the park of fountains abbey, the sun is shining now and and everybody has a big smile on their faces, we’re all feeling good its time for a bit of a burn up says Frank! Down through Boroughbridge and the pace is picking up, onto the 168 and now we are flying, Mac, Graham, Ash & Tom on the front a lethal combo. By the time we hit Wetherby most of us are ready for a rest, food & a good nights sleep ready for tomorrow.
A 9.30am start and the sun is out with a promise of getting better towards the coast (it didn’t disappoint 21 degrees). Phil Walker joins us for the second leg only intending to ride so far but he’s enjoying it so much he does the full day. The traffic free section through York was good.  With a quick snack break halfway then on towards Pocklington, the pedals are spinning and the banter is good everybody is having a good time. Millington and dinner or not a 1hr wait for food due to the weather! tea & cake then and off again on through a cluster of villages then open land with fields of corn and wheat at either side of us hardly a car to be seen until Driffield.  Close to the finish now and mixed emotions wanting to finish but not wanting the ride to end.  Down onto the promanarde with the fresh sea air, shells from Morcombe thrown into the sea and its off to the pick up point at Sawerby and that puzzle again, how do you squeeze 16 bikes into a transit van?  Answers on a postcard please. The ride wasa success everyone who took part agreed, and you all deserve a medal!!  Alec said “this wkends going to be hard to top” but I will see what I can come up with for next year.  Cheers Adi

28th June 2012
Wetherby Wheelers 10 mile Championship 
(incorporated in the Cyclesense Tadcaster eve league) 
Great to see a good turnout of Wetherby Wheelers on the 10 mile Mark Lane course near Kirk Deighton.  With eleven competing in the Championship making up nearly half of the overall field.  We placed 3 riders in the top 10, a feat not achieved for quite a while.  Mac Wontorowski is the new Champion and is looking good for a high overall finish in the league.  New member Richard Brook a keen triathlete looked strong in second place followed in third by Steve Ward who was also fastest vet on standard.  First TT for Anthony Ashworth and David Rowley tonight who both went well. There was also solid performances from our regular Testers.

1st    Mac Wontorowski  23.17
Richard Brook        24.37
3rd   Steve Ward             25.01 (also fastest vet on standard +2.41)
See results page for full round up   

17th June 2012
White Rose Classic Report by Adrian Ware
With the weather forecast on our side, apart from the odd shower in the morning Wetherby Wheelers riders gathered for the group photo.  Smiles on the outside, anticipation and nerves on the inside (have I done enough training?  Will the bike hold up?  Will the legs hold out?) all questions that would be answered in the next few hrs of hard riding.  Whichever route you chose to take there was plenty of climbing to do and unforgiving roads to negotiate. Group photo taken and we all set off, riding together at first but soon to be scattered across the yorkshire dales landscape like confetti at the church gates on a windy day.  Dave, Graham and Steve making the early pace with the rest of us tucked in behind, oh and Mac 300yrds in front just spinning, playing with us like a cat does with a mouse just before the kill!  Norwood edge looms up in front and Mac disappears into the distance (eventually finishing well inside 7hrs gold standard).  Over the first climb and we all start to split into groups.  Pushing on now along west end with its ups and downs and nasty bends!!  Steve’s rear wheel jumps sideways across the rough tarmac unbelievably he stays upright, Ash doesn’t have the same luck and has to ditch into the overgrown bracken verge, not long after Phil, David & Martin arrive at the same bend.  That’s a stupid place to stop shouts Martin to another rider, not aware that he has just climbed out of the hedge!  On to duck street and the long drag up to the first feedstation.  Pete takes up the pace, Steve & Ash follow, I hook onto the back of a Harrogate nova train and get pulled past them at a rate of knots.  Feed station and Frank is waiting to tag along and help anyone who needs it (good man) Next up its Fleetmoss the highest road in the county and guess what follows? the fastest decent!  By now I’ve grown wings and I’m going well (must be all the miles the week before in the dragon ride).  Pete has gone with me and the next feed appears down the road.  Fed and watered we bump into Shuan and his mate who felt that was a tough climb (wait till you get to Garsedale Head!)  Back on the road and Ash catches up and we ride together for a while.  Ribblehead viaduct next, Pete & Ash are up it at pace while I grind it out to the top, catching Pete up but Ash has flown.  Another steep climb around Settle and then its full steam ahead to the last feed stop.  On my own now Pete has finally given in to the pace I am setting on the flat.  Back to the 80milers for an update Jo has finished in superb time well in front of most of the others, apart from Martin who isn’t far behind her (chapeau).  Meanwhile Mac whizzes past the other 80 milers to their disbelief!  Langbar the last climb of the day but unbeknown to the rest of us Steve has already retired with mechanical problems and tries to make his way back as best he can, (trains, planes & automobiles) tough day at the office!  A final grind up and then its a sprint to the finish.  Everybody finishing safely in their chosen routes in respectable times.
Cracking route! Cracking day!

10th June 2012
Dragon Ride
After bad weather forecasts all week the 6hr drive to south wales felt a bit apprehensive to say the least, especially driving down a B road which had flooded fields on either side of it. Once at our destination it was a bar meal & a pint then bed. Next morning the weather was good, a 10min drive to the start venue (margram park) register and I’m off on a 130m trek through the welsh mountains, Black Mountain, The Bwlch, Bryn Meld & Rhigos and a few more that I cant spell! All of which were very impressive in length and gradient unique to the welsh country side. It was probably a one off event for me because of the difficulty of entering it (3000 places sold out in 2hrs) & the long drive down, but it was all worthwhile once on the ride. Feed stations fantastic, views from the tops even better and the descents were out of this world. 9hrs 28mins later and I’m back at the park, legs a bit tired but all in all not in bad shape. Thanks Wiggle for a great event. (AW)

6th June 2012
The Great Manchester Cycle – Sunday 5 June 2012 (Report by Phil Walker)
It was with dread that we entered the Manchester Bike Ride knowing all too well the expectant weather conditions “over t’hill”. We couldn’t believe our luck when the weather reported that it was going to be warm and dry………?! 
This is the first time that Manchester has held a mass cycle event on closed roads. Given this and the opportunity to ride along a stretch of Manchester’s busiest Motorway, the Mancunian way closed to traffic in both directions was too good to miss (having spent many a happy hour driving along it ferrying “The Student” to and from digs). 
There were 3 rides to choose from, 13, 26 and 52 miles (a requirement being that the 52 miles must be completed at a minimum average speed of 18mph). Well I could manage that but a “fit and healthy” University Student…..not a chance. So we entered the 26mile event (thankfully, see later for why!) 
The course starts of at Manchester City’s ground and then headed off along Manchester’s main roads into to the heart of the city and up and over the Mancunian Way. It then passes by Old Trafford and into Salford Quays, turns back on the same route to Manchester City’s ground. (13 miles) The 26 miler is 2 loops and the 52 is 4 loops. 
My morning got off to a bad start. I know my way across Manchester but only via the Mancunian Way, so I packed the Sat Nav that promptly decided not to work en route.  I was therefore forced to navigate across Manchester “by eye”, without a map and with many roads closed this was no mean feat.  I finally met “the Student” at his digs and then we cycled off to the start at the Etihad Stadium. 
So there we were on the start line lined up with thousands of other various ‘Mamils’, mountain bikers, and even some cycling ballerinas (?!) whilst listening to Lizzie Armitstead and Rebecca Romero being interviewed over the p.a. who had both just finished the 52 miler. The sun was glinting through between clouds and as promised it was warm (with the threat of an odd shower). The countdown was on as we waited for the allotted mass start time draw near for the 26 miler to kick off.  So the countdown was on and we were off……., well eventually, about 20 minutes after the official start time as we had walked to the starting line en-masse. There were just too many to squeeze over the starting mat but we’d all been provided with a number chip wotsit to strap to our bikes which linked to a computer mat as you crossed the start and eventually the finish line so there was no messing about signing on anywhere – which I think was really good given the hoards of people at the Etihad. 
So off we pedalled, perhaps too quickly (in an attempt to pass slower riders, and another and another and the next bunch and so on!) but soon settled into a reasonable pace of about 20mph. The only problem we had is that there were many people out there who had never ridden a masse ride before, so overtaking/undertaking was hairy at times. The only other down side was the crawl around Salford Quays which was far too narrow for the masses and again slower riders had no idea of riding etiquette. 
The ride went by so quickly one minute we were sailing along round sweeping turns over the flyovers and in and out of stadia/pedestrian walkways (one with a blind man walking towards us with his white stick, completely oblivious (as were the marshals!)), the next minute it was over and it had remained dry all the way round. We completed the 26 miles in 1hr 27 minutes. Now that sounds a long time for you seasoned riders but I’d like to point out that Peter was suffering the effect of Shingles which were diagnosed only the week before! That’ll slow anyone down. He started well but faded. Pick us both out from the photo gallery taken by what felt like a large number of paparazzi stationed all around the course. You’ll see him head up at the start and head down towards the end! Well done that man! Like a Pro rider being overtaken by the peloton with 2km to go, the head drops and it’s all over! Still we did it and we’ve got the photos to prove it, a medal, a goody bag and a certificate and good weather too! We even managed to cycle back to Peter’s digs” and stop off at the Drive thru’ for a well earnt fatty sugary beef thing with fries to replenish the “carbs”, much to the annoyance of white man van waiting behind us in the queue! 
Overall it was a great day out, and yes I’ll be back next year for the 52 miler, though I’ll have to be out of bed for the earlier start (and buy a new Sat Nav!). Well done to the organisers, not half bad for a new event. Here’s hoping that they can organise some dry weather for the one day in the year that it doesn’t rain in Manchester again next year! 
Don’t expect a blistering time if you want to have a go yourself but the experience of riding on closed roads was fantastic – especially riding the Mancunian Way Motorway the wrong way in both directions! 
Phil and Peter (“The Student”) Walker – 1 hour 27 minutes (+Handicap = Shingles)

31st May 2012
Wetherby Wheelers in the national cycling media yet again!
First Mac Wontorowski appears in a double page spread in last months Cycling Plus, then  Adian Ware, Anthony Ashworth and Steve Ward pop up in the Cycling Weekly, in an article about this years Etape du Dales.

24th May 2012
Tadcaster Evening League, sponsored by Cyclesence, Selby Fork 10 miles
On a warm and windless evening Adam Duggleby smashed the course record with a time of 20.42 (which was set by Vince Macklam in 2011 with 22.16).  Wetherbys Mac Wontorowski picked up more valuable points finishing 5th in his fastest time yet of 23.08.  Andy Lee also picked up good points finishing in 13th, with Shaun Tierney in 19th.

20th May 2012  
Etape du Dales
Our prayers were answered and after a chilly start it warmed up nicely and stayed dry all day.  Adrian, Ash and myself (Steve) , (I noticed in the results that fellow Wheeler Simon Smith also completed the ride, well done) set off from Threshfield,  near Grassington.  We were into a light wind from the north east but we worked together and kept up a good pace, the ascent of Fleet Moss went ok, then descending down to Hawes touching 52mph.  Buttertubs were next before a fast descent towards Muker.  A left turn at Feetham up a 1:4 gets every one out of the saddle fighting for a bit of the narrow lane hoping the guy in front doesn’t zigzag in front of you.  We crossed the ford safely at the top on the moors (more than can be said for some of the riders).  Now it’s a time to get in your zone and grind up the 8 miles to the top of Tan Hill.  Regroup, refuel then onward.  More fast descending for what seemed like miles to Nateby the last bit of which was white knuckle stuff around hairpin bends strewn with gravel and rocks.  Then a picturesque ride alongside the river Eden.  This is when the doubts set in 60 miles done, legs complaining, but still 50 to go “shut up legs”.  Finally the welcome site of the Moorcock Inn and the food stop.  More food, energy drinks, gels, only 40miles to go but next the dreaded coal road.  The Three Musketeers are still together as we duck under the railway bridge and hit the steep 1:4  coal road which rears up for about a mile, someone grinds to a halt, cant’ get their foot out and crashes to the road, “you OK mate” good because I’m not stopping!  The section from Newby Head to Stainforth went by in a flash with a tailwind and a guy in a Swiss National Shirt dragging a line of riders behind him desperately trying to hold his wheel.  The climb out off Stainforth and my legs are saying “we’ve got nothing left Captain”, “shut up legs I’m not listening”.  10 miles to go, might just get under 8 hours.  Ash who’s been telling me “not sure I can keep this pace up” finds another gear from somewhere and jumps on the back of a small group doing 27 plus down the valley.  My legs buckle at Arncliffe, but Ash sportingly eases off near Kilnsey Crag and I hang on to his wheel for the last few miles to the finish, in a time off 7hrs 52mins.  Adrian is not far behind but just misses out on the Silver.  We all vow that this is the last time for this tough event…..but you never know!
17th May 2012
Tadcaster Evening League, sponsored by Cyclesence, Tadcaster 15 miles
The competition was tough tonight on a cool night but with a light easterly wind.  16 years old junior Jake Womersley was the fastest rider in 33.24.  Steve Ward was the fastest Wetherby Wheeler back in 20th place, followed by Glen Armstrong in 21st and Stuart Whittle in 30th

11th May 2012
Tadcaster Evening League, sponsored by Cyclesence, Cawood 12.5 miles
Heavy Showers before the start and strong winds made for a low turn out.  But the sun came out drying the course out just leaving a few puddles.  A Strong westerly made for a tough outward leg, and some of us backed off on a few dodgy looking wet corners.  New rider to this competition, Ashley Brown won in a fast time of 26.26.  Mac Wontorowski backed up his impresive first ever TT last week with 4th place on a standard road bike.
3rd May 2012
Tadcaster Evening League, sponsored by Cyclesence, Tadcaster 10 miles

The opening event in the Tadcaster league saw a good turn out for Wetherby Wheelers. Nine members
in total turned out to ride the 10m course with finishing places ranging from 3rd place to 37th spot.
Unfortunately for Brendan Spencer on his debut T.T he had the misfortune to suffer a mechanical problem
while warming up, forcing him to pull out.  Looking on the positive side though he can only improve on that result!
With six other members recording reasonable times, there were two members that excelled on the night,
Glen Armstrong came in 17th with a 26.11 but the ride of the night went to Mac Wantorowski taking 3rd place
with 24.29 on his first ever T.T (surely raising a few eyebrows from the old guard).
Next weeks 12.5m TT at Cawood is eagerly anticipated with other wheelers members yet to make their first
appearances this season, this looks set to be a cracking season for the club.(AW)

28th April 2012
Wetherby Wheelers Invitation ride
A lucky break in the weather drew in some 20 keen local cyclists and 11 current Members of the Wetherby Wheelers Cycling Club for an Invitational Ride that took in the roads around Wetherby on Saturday 28 April.  
Wetherby Wheelers billed the ride as an Invitational Ride to allow local cyclists the opportunity to ride in bigger groups of riders rather than riding alone, which is more advantageous, particularly in a head wind!
Groups set out from Wetherby Sports Centre at around 9am and took in the outlying villages of Walton, Wighill, Billborough, Askham Richard, Tockwith. They regrouped at The Coffee Pot in Thorpe Arch Trading Estate where riders were able to catch their breath and quiz members on all aspects of the club’s activities.
Steve Ward, Chairman, said “Thankfully the weather held off with only a couple of light showers. I feel sure that everyone enjoyed the experience of riding in a group and we also gained some valuable feedback from prospective members some of whom we hope will eventually join the club. We recognise that our current calendar of Sunday rides are beyond most recreational and weekend cyclists and so we are aiming to add shorter rides to our itinerary over the summer months to allow more people to experience the companionship of cycling in a group.”
“It would appear that a least 2 riders are already considering joining the club and indeed one has already signed up as he is keen to try out and take part in the “Cycle Sense Time Trial League” which starts in early May. We are also exploring dates with the Velodrome in Manchester to experience riding the boards in this Olympic year.”
“I’d like to say a big thanks to my Committee for organising the ride as well as thanks to the local Police and to Cycle Sense, Tadcaster and Dave Rayner Cycles of Garforth for promoting this event. We hope to run a similar event again in the spring next year.”
For more details and activities of the Wetherby Wheelers Cycling Club please contact Steve Ward on 07751 896 621 or visit their website at

                                                   The Invitational Ride passes through Askham Richard

15th April 2012
Scotton 100, Report by Adrian Ware
What a breath of fresh air this ride was, 60m seemed to pass in the blink of an eye. Not to say this event was easy,
far from it! the off road sections, of which there were quite a few focused the mind on the job in hand and made the
road sections that much more enjoyable. The dry sunny day was an added bonus and veterans of the event said
conditions were near perfect, just as well for me as I was possibly the only rider on an ordinary road bike with road
tyres [big lesson learnt for next year] in total four Wheelers took part in the ride, all finishing in respectable times.
Definitely one for the calendar next year.
2012 Scotton results

28th January 2012
Great trip to see the Revolution meeting at the Manchester Velodrome. Thanks’ to Adrian for organising it. Fantastic watching Sir Chris Hoy etc. close up from the bar in the track centre, sorry my photos of this were of empty track, they were moving too fast! Or maybe something to do with alcohol consumed! 
The Derny Scratch Race was a hugely popular addition to the    Duncan and David go head to head over 250 mts  
Revolution programme, with each endurance rider being             on the rollers, to work up a thirst for another pint! 
allocated their own derny bike as a pacer, which ended in a
sprint; Simon Yates took the victory in that one.

8th January 2012
Xmas Ride out Dinner
‘The resurrection of this once popular event seemed to go down well with old and new members alike. With a good turnout of 14, a full Sunday lunch was enjoyed at Osgodby Garden Centre, where cheerful banter took place before a brisk ride back to Wetherby (not advisable on a full stomach).
Hopefully this will be the first of many.’ 

16th December 2011
Christmas Social and Presentation Night. Message from the Social Secretary Adrian.
“I’d just like to thank everyone for putting in all the effort to make a great evening. The live music from Graham was fantastic and Andy Lee’s presentation speeches went down really well with everyone. Also, the buffet was fantastic and I would like to thank CycleSense for attending the evening and donating raffle prizes along with everyone else that kindly donated prizes”.

“I am sure we all agree with Adrians comments and I would like to say a big thankyou to Adrian, I know he put a lot of time and effort into organising and running the evening with the help of his family.   Check out the photo’s on the Gallery Page.” (Steve)

28th November 2011
The Turners seem hell bent on cornering the trophy market this season.
Not only has Graham T slowly but surely been chipping away at the tourist trophy, finally but narrowly securing it by 2 points from Frank Turner who has been hot on his heels all season.
So onto the Titanic trophy, which historically goes to the most spectacular tumble of the season, the three contenders up for this award include:
 Ken Pickles with his stupendous forward somersault over the handlebars after an altercation with a 4 inch deep pothole resulting in a badly cut and bruised elbow and nasty gravel rash up his thigh, OUCH!
 Next up the unfortunate and untimely accident that Dave Ryder had the misfortune to have with a car back in September whilst at the top of his form.
Whilst back in June on the final miles of the Great Yorkshire Bike ride, Frank Turner took a bad tumble at the rear of a fast moving group, sustaining bad cuts & bruises to his hand & face. Not satisfied that this would seal him the trophy he decided to take a headlong nose dive onto the tarmac this month resulting in a damaged helmet, a cut to the head and a broken collarbone again!! When a passing motorist stopped to offer assistance, Frank was already up and riding off on his bike to the café break.  The words “hard as nails” spring to mind.
Commenting on the incident later, Mr T said “this should put me in with a good chance of the titanic.
We all tend to agree…   (AW)

Mersey Roads 24hr 2010  Report by Stuart Whittle 
See Wetherby Wheelers Andrew Metcalfe in action in this gruelling 24hour Time Trial.  Andrew covered 358.011 miles and was 37th out of 61 finishers. I reckon that’s pretty good for a first attempt. Having been one of his support team, I know what it took for Andrew to record that mileage and definitely wouldn’t want to put myself through it! As the French say “Chapeau”!

18th September 2011
Jennings Rivers Ride Sportive, 18th Sept. Keswick
This was the first running of said sportive and all in all it was well organized with well stocked feed stations and well signposted.  A nice fast first 30miles to start with, then onto the hills, Lamplugh, Whinlatter, Newlands Hause and Honister passes were all testing on the legs, even more so with a broken spoke resulting in a buckled back wheel.  Total distance 85 miles, a good end of season workout. 

1st September 2011
Tadcaster T.T. League Final Results
Out of 60 first claim riders, from the five clubs taking part in the Cyclesense sponsored Tadcaster Evening Time Trial League, Wetherby Wheelers overall standings are as follows. Steve Ward 14th with 192pts, Andy Lee 17th with177pts, Adrian Ware 22nd with 145pts, Howard Blakeley 27th with 129pts, Sean Tierney 29th with 121pts, Stuart Whittle 32nd with104pts, Simon Smith 33rd with 101pts, Andy Metcalfe 54th with 29pts and Phil Walker 58th with 13pts. Well done everybody for taking part in this yrs league. (AW)

14th August 2011
Tour of the Peak
Arriving for a 7am start we got underway in the third wave of riders, blissfully unaware of what lay ahead of us in terms of sheer climbing, in total over 10,000 feet of it. The Cat & Fiddle was first up; a 7m drag up into the Peak District. Then Winnat’s Pass, a 1 in 5 all the way to the top (hard work). Holme Moss was the last of the iconic climbs of the day with mileage markers painted in white on the road counting down to the last 100 metres from the top. Some cracking descents were the reward for all the sweat lost climbing. Thinking we had cracked it and were home free, the long drag out of Hayfield (to the finish at Chapel en le Frith) seemed to go on for an age. Once over the top it was a fast ride into the finish and respectable times of 7 hours for Steve and Adi. This was one hard sportive but very enjoyable.(AW)

11th August 2011
Tadcaster League week 15 Selby Fork 10 mile
On a grey wet night for the last TT in the League there was a good turn out of 29 riders, including the debut of yet another Wheelers rider Phil Walker, who clocked a time of 30.57 and 28th place. A good benchmark to improve on for next season. The highest placed Wheeler this week fell to Glenn Armstrong (S.C) in 11th. Finishing in 12th was Steve Ward, cementing the highest placed Wheeler spot overall this season ahead of Andy Lee who didn’t ride tonight.  With a much improved time of 27.31, 18th spot was filled by Simon Smith, his best time of the season. Adrian Ware was consistent if nothing else with a 27.43 and 21st place. Howard Blakeley took 23rd in a time of 28.38 with Shaun Tierney taking 24th spot after a 4 week lay off. Stuart Whittle claimed 26th in 30.24.
See you all next season.

4th August 2011
Tadcaster League week 14 – Cawood 12.5 mile
The weather proved to be kind this week, having had heavy showers before the start, it brightened up for the 26 competitors to ride in near perfect conditions.
Vince Macklam was narrowly beaten into second place by Richard Hamilton, a rare spectacle for this season.
Andy Lee was the highest placed Wheeler in 13th spot in the absence of Steve Ward (it could all come down to next Thursday’s TT to sort out the highest place Wheeler overall in the league points table).
14th spot was taken by Glenn Armstrong (SC) no relation to Lance.
Adrian Ware finished in 20th position followed by Howard Blakeley in 23rd and Simon Smith in 25th.
Stuart Whittle finished in 26th. 
Next week is the final TT for this season – Tadcaster/Sherburn 10 mile.
See you there. (AW)

28th July 2011
Tadcaster T.T. League Week 12 ’10’ (V910A)
After a lovely hot day the weather turned nasty for the Selby fork 10.  A cold northerly wind & rain threatening made it hard going on the outward leg, making some pretty average times for most of the 28 riders taking part.  Our own Steve Ward was an exception, putting in a better than average time of 26.34 and breaking into the top ten for the first time this session in 9th position.  Andy Lee took 16th spot followed by Adrian Ware in 19th, his third top 20 finish this season.  Howard Blakeley claimed 22nd place, closely followed by Simon Smith in 23rd place.  Stuart Whittle bagged 26th place.  Let’s hope the weather is kinder to us next week.  (AW)

7th July 2011
Tadcaster T.T. League Week 10 ’10’ (V910A) 
After the threat of heavy showers the sun came out, but there was still a steady southerly breeze for week 9 of the Tadcaster Evening League.  Vince Macklam (Yorkshire RC) equalled the course record in 22.16.
Andy Lee took top place for the Wheelers with his seasons best for a ’10’ of 25.47 in 9th position, followed by Steve Ward in 26.00.  New member Glen Armstong was close behind in his first ride in 26.15.  Shaun Tierney and Howard Blakeley setting thier best times for the season in 15th and 19th places respectivly.  Simon Smith and Stuart Whittle finished in 21st and 22nd place. (SW)

30th June 2011
Tadcaster T.T. League Week 9 ’10’ (V318) 
After a blustery afternoon the weather seemed to calm down just in time for the first riders to compete in the penultimate 10m over this particular course for this season.
In the absence of S Ward the honours went to Andy Lee, clocking the best time for a wheelers rider, with 14th place and in a time of 26:28.
Adrian Ware came in with a time of 27:40, his best time over this course taking 19th spot.
Shaun Tierney came in at 28 mins in 20th spot, taking 1:23 off his previous attempt on this course.
Howard Blakeley took 25th with a 28:53 and new comer Simon Smith did a 28:55 on his first attempt taking 25th place.
Stuart Whittle bagged 30th place finishing with a 30:18. (AW)
19th June 2011
The annual club run of a 140 mile trek to Filey & back saw a good turn out of seven riders doing the full distance and others just going one way.
The predicted rain never really appeared, just a few light showers here & there.
But the good mood turned a little sour when Frank Turner had quiet a bad fall while travelling at speed in a large group of riders. With facial cuts & injuries to his right hand he soldiered on to the finish where he was attended to by the St Johns Ambulance crew.
A fellow wheeler Graham Turner was on hand to transport him home safely.
Meanwhile the rest of us had a fish & chips dinner and headed on back the way we had come. 
See you all next year.(AW)

16th June 2011
Tadcaster T.T. League Week 7 ’10’ (Selby Fork) V910A
Another good showing for the Wheelers saw Steve Ward taking the highest finishing spot in joint 19th just above Andrew Lee in 21st with only 17 seconds separating the pair.
Shaun Tierney put in another good performance with a 27.24 placing 26th just in front of Howard Blakeley in 28th with a 27.57.
Stuart Whittle also did a good time in 32nd place with 29.47 (watch out Wardy, the mans on a roll).
Disappointment for A Ware though with a directional mishap resulting in a DNF, whilst on for the best time of his season. Never mind there’s always the next one.(AW)

9th June 2011
Tadcaster T.T. League Week 6 ‘12.5’ (Cawood Circuit)
Another good turn out of 6 club members in a maximum field of 40 competitors saw Steve Ward put in another good performance, clocking 31.50 in 19th place.
Andy Lee not far behind in 21st place with a 32.05 (I can see this pair battling it out for the rest of the season).
Next came new club member Shaun Tierney in 28th with a time of 33.20 only just edging in front of Adrian Ware in 29th with 33.23.
Howard Blakeley bagged 33rd spot in a time of 34.32.
Stuart Whittle came in 39th in 38.05 but in his defence there was a directional mishap on route, still there is always next week which is back to a 10 mile course at Selby Fork. 
If anymore Wheelers are getting interested please come along and swell the ranks. 
See you there…(AW)

12th June 2011
Round Roses cyclosportive,
 Report by Graham Turner
Great event today 12th June From Tosside to Settle then on to Grassington and back to Tosside. Two major climbs fantastic decents good food stations and well marked 75m all for £20. Oh and it rained.  I was very pleased with my time for the event of 5hr 35m.

5th June 2011
Lancaster CC Le Terrier – 67 mile route, Report by Ardrian Ware 
If you like cattle grids then this is the ride for you. It seemed like there was one every other mile. Joking apart though, this is a punchy sportive with lots of climbing.
First on the list was Jubilee Tower, a long drag out of Lancaster up to Bowland Forest with a fantastic view over Morecombe Bay at the top.
The climb of Cross of Greet made the ride for me, a winding moorland road taking you to the top of the moors where a huge stone lies that once held the legendary Cross of Greet, hence the name of the climb.
With numerous other lumpy bits all the way through the route it made for an excellent ride, with a complimentary soup & roll & a Le Terrier drinks bottle at the finish.
Oh and yes it rained again.

2nd June 2011
Tadcaster T.T. League Week 5 ’10’ (V318) 
An excellent turn out of 7 riders for Wetherby Wheelers on the v318 10 mile course which saw Andy Metcalfe on his debut trial of the season take the highest placing of the wheelers riders, with a 25.57 placing 12th.
Steve Ward was hot on his heels in joint 13th with a 26.13.
Andy Lee placing 16th in a time of 26.33 then a gap to Adrian Ware placing 25th in a time of 27.52 (must do better – by his own admission).
This was followed by Howard Blakeley 26th in 28.25 then another debutant Shaun Tierney was 27th with 29.23.
Stuart Whittle was 28th with a time of 29.57, breaking the 30 min barrier for the first time this season. Well done Stuart.
Next week sees a 12.5 mile at Caywood. 
Good luck everyone.(AW).

28th May 2011
Richmond Cyclo Sportive, Report by Adrian Ware
The 4 dales (80 miles) saw Graham Turner, Steve Ward and Adrian Ware taking on the harsh Yorkshire weather once again, only this time more windy than wet and cold. Three major climbs including the Stang from the north side, Tan Hill and the Mallerstang had to be dealt with before a fast rewarding ride with a tailwind back to Richmond, where hot food and drink awaited us. A well organised sportive with well-stocked feed stations and a well signed route made the day enjoyable. Adrian and Steve achieved a silver award and Graham a bronze. Considering the first 50 miles were into a screaming headwind, all three were happy with their performances.
19th May 2011 
Tadcaster T.T. League ’15’ (V328)
Week 3 of the Tadcaster T.T. League on the v328 15 mile course saw 31 competitors take part. Weather conditions were favourable with a slight headwind on the return leg.
Nigel Goscinski (Yorkshire Velo) had the winning time of 34.16.
Wetherby Wheelers S. Ward crept under the 40 mins barrier with a 39.55 placing 15th.
A Ware recorded a 41.28 placing 19th, getting inside the top 20 for the first time this season.
Howard Blakeley took 23rd with a 44.03 and Stuart Whittle 26th with a 45.18. 
On reflection the Etape du Dales was not ideal preparation (as quoted by S. Ward). (AW)

15th May 2011
Etape du Dales, Report by Steve Ward
!!!! that was a hard ride – cold wet and windy,  Sign on was quick and easy, as were the timing chips which meant that a split time and certificate was handed out immediately at the finish. The facilities and organization were excellent, from signing on, to the feed stops, hot showers at the end and a hearty meal available.  I was pleased to get under 8 hrs on my first attempt, at the time thinking it would be the last, but the feeling has returned to my fingers after making the mistake like Adrian of wearing track mitts (who needed a marshall to peel his banana at the last feed stop), so we will be back next year.  The course makes the event, but please can we have some better weather next time?
12th May 2011
Tadcaster T.T. League
Week 2 of the Tadcaster T.T league came up with some pleasing results for Wetherby Wheeler’s Steve Ward. After missing the opening T.T last week he put in a sterling performance and clocked a time of 26.35, bagging joint 14th place.
Adrian Ware also improved on the previous week’s time by 8 seconds, clocking 27.51 and joint 21st place.
Howard Blakeley also came in under the 30 minutes barrier with a time of 29.11 taking 25th.
Stuart Whittle took 31st place out of a field of 35 with a 31.04.
The weather conditions were windy but at least the rain held off this week. 
Next weeks t.t  steps up to a 15 m test on the v328 Tadcaster.
Good luck everyone. (AW)

7th May 2011
Lincoln Grand Prix sportive – 93 miles, Report by Adrian Ware
The debut running of this sportive taking in the classic cobbled climb of Michaelgate in the heart of Lincoln and 3,457 ft of descent, some of which was quite nerve racking to say the least was a resounding success.
With a well marked course & well positioned feed stations at 33 mile & 74 mile to keep everyone hydrated, on what turned out to be a surprisingly warm day, after heavy rain had been forecast earlier on in the week. 
With no major climbs other than Michaelgate you would have been forgiven for thinking it would have been an easy day out.
This was far from the truth with some punishing lengthy drags over Croxby Top & Nettleton Top slowly sapping the strength out of your already weary legs.
Once past the last feed station at Middle Rasen it was a fast 18 mile run into Lincoln with a fantastic view of the cathedral as you approached the city.
With only Michaelgate left to climb or so we thought, a nasty little 1 in 3 bank was thrown in to really get the legs stinging.
Once over these two final ascents the finish was right in front of the cathedral.
With a hot meal & tea & coffee back at the starting point it was all in all a good day in the saddle for Adrian & his ride partner Fred Lyn from Seacroft Wheelers. Who clocked an overall time of 5hrs 31 mins & 5hrs 49 mins respectively.
The fasted time back was 4hrs 40 mins & the slowest time recorded was 8hrs 40 mins,