WW Tuesday Ride to Thirsk via Kilburn and Boltby, 2 July 2024.

As with last week we had a few members away but it didn’t deter the iron men and woman from getting out.
Keith, Bill, Pete D, Graham (who joined us in Thorp Arch village), Kathy, Fred and me, Steve B.
While we were staying more local , Steve Ward was on a reccee for Sundays ride to Whitby. 🚴‍♀️💪
A steady start saw us head out via Walton, Rudgate, Cattal, (waited for the train), and crossing the A59 to Whixley.
Fred updated me on his London to Paris ride, which gave me the chance to ask about the logistics involved. A ride back on Eurostar capping it off. Not a cheap do though.
Through Thorpe Underwood and onto Boat Lane to Aldwark Bridge. At this point Fred peeled off for home, presumably to rebuild his brownie points.
The wind, from the NW, was expected to increase in strength for the afternoon so we didn’t push too hard.
After Aldwark Bridge we rode through Aldwark, Flawith, Tholthorpe to Raskelf. From here we turned in the direction of Thornton Bridge but then another right to Husthwaite and Coxwold. At Husthwaite Bill turned towards Easingwold leaving just the Famous. 😊
Coming into Coxwold we were briefly joined by Dennis, Geoff, Ian and A N Other. They were heading towards Byland. Geoff had posted we should do Boltby Bank as we were passing it, suffice to say he didn’t join us, wrong gears on his bike apparently. 😂😂 I wonder if Dennis was taking him up Wass Bank?
With three of us stopping to chat to them it gave Keith a chance to record us for posterity.

Onto Kilburn and the few climbs we needed to ride over. This weight loss and desire to attempt to keep up meant a PR for me on the Wood Lane climb. 👌
On the descent it is necessary to be mindful that a right turn approaches enabling us to get to the A170 and Sutton under Whitestone Cliff. A short turn on the main road and we turn for Thirlby.
The next set of lanes were new to all of us until we got to Boltby and turned for Felixkirk. I can say that Pete D on the front had been very controlled after scorching me last week.
The scenery was brilliant and glad I slotted in the loop. Well time for coffee and scram but not before some photos.

Spot the good looking one 😊

A descent into Thirsk and the Upstairs Downstairs Cafe.
However who should be patrolling outside was Gary Shooter. I think he was looking for Pete C and his bike remuneration. 😂😂
After a catch up we enjoyed beans on toast, scrambled eggs and salmon plus flapjack for Keith although they didn’t have his first choice. It was a leisurely affair covering the forthcoming Whitby ride and football. Time to head home after an hour’s relaxation.
With a cross tailwind we set off through Sowerby, Dalton, Sessay to Thornton Bridge and Boroughbridge. The tempo now much higher with all taking turns except the protected rider in the form of Keith. He is relied on by me to make sure we don’t lose anyone, unless its me.
Once onto the A168 the pace quickened further and that is by far the fastest run I have done from BB. Pete D and Graham were totally on it.
Once through Wetherby we went our separate ways, I just needed to make sure the outlanders were through the Town boundary.

Many thanks for a great ride, good to see Kathy as well as our paths haven’t crossed recently.