WW Tuesday Ride to Allerthorpe, 25 June 2024.

A motley crew of Bill, Pete C, Pete D, Mark L, Keith, guest appearance by John Baker and me. We were eventually found and joined by Graham, more on that later.
The plan was to go via Barmby Moor, Yapham and Meltonby before turning back through Pocklington to Allerthorpe Lake Park.
Pete C needed to be back by 3 ish as his son was visiting and Bill said he might turn early also.
I decided to go out via Healaugh to Catterton and Colton before picking up the usual route to Naburn.
Bill told me of the old club competition of free wheeling and how far you could get. Apparently starting at the top of the incline into Bilborough you were allowed one downward push on the pedal and off you went, accompanied by the Marshall to check there was no cheating!! Bill as a past winner seemed to think I would have been a strong contender with my bike. I’m sure weight would have been a decisive factor as well.
After crossing the river we took Howden lane to Crockey Hill, Wheldrake , Elvington and Sutton on Derwent. At Crockey Hill John Baker peeled off, it was good to see him.
The tempo had been close to the limit, certainly for me and Pete D who was clearly on a good day kept us all honest.
At Sutton Bill and Pete C decided to go via Melbourne to the cafe leaving the rest of us to take the low road to Barmby Moor, Yapham and Meltonby. The pace got faster with Keith, Pete and Mark on a charge.
It was at this stage Graham finally found us and joined the group, thankfully for me he loaned me his wheel.
I said I had gone to great lengths to keep him guessing which way we went 😂😊, he had taken the alternatives to our outward ride. No keeping a good man down.
The ride along Feoffee lane is a pleasant one as is the route via Y and M to Pocklington.
Arriving at the cafe Pete C and Bill were still there but seeing us resulted in their early escape. 😂😂 Well they needed to be back early.
Beans on toast as usual were popular along with a dessert, well we had been riding hard!
Our route home was Melbourne, Wheldrake, Escrick, Kelfield, Cawood, Ulleskelf, Stutton and Bramham.
Suffice to say I started on the front to keep the speed steady but you can’t hold Remco Evenepoels training partner back, he was at it again with Graham, Mark and Keith egging him on. 😊😊
They stopped shortly before we turned to Kelfield to allow me medication in the form of jelly babies and to catch up. Can’t complain it was a cracking ride.
Negotiating various road works and lights around Ulleskelf we turned for home and we flew up the incline from Stutton, well I dreamt I did. 💪😊😂 Once at Bramham we peeled off for home.
Graham and I went down Windmill Lane before he took me on a section of cycle path at Clifford I had not used before coming out at the roundabout by the A168.

Got to say a top day and thanks to everyone.