Wetherby Wheelers Ride Report Saturday 29 June 2024, Tockwith 100km Audax

Report by Martin (an interloper)

How lucky am I? The Audax was full, I’m not even a member of Wetherby Wheelers and I still bagged a ride on the Audax. Thank you who ever dropped out!

Nick and I rode out from Moorside to the sign-on in Tockwith Village Hall where we met Steve and Pete. Around 30 riders set off at 09:30 for the 100 km route under gloomy skies and light rainfall. Seeing us off, organiser Nick Folkard announced that he was relieved an entrant had dropped due to a heart attack on the day before the ride – and not during it!

With the westerly winds mainly behind us we set off to Easingwold where we had the first “free” control. No calls for cake or coffee but the stop enabled us to despatch with our capes as the rain had abated.

On the run into Boroughbridge we bumped into Geoff (Jeff?) who had made a later start who joined us. Steve had got ahead of us as we reached the roundabout on the B6265 where great confusion abounded. Everyone thought he’d gone into the town for a coffee but we’d decided to press on to Ripon. Pete went into the town to bring him back though it transpired he had actually continued in the road to Ripon. I think Keystone Kops is a cultural reference that will be understood by most and is quite fitting to describe the ensuing action.

We were soon off again “gruppo compatto” and on the road into Ripon we came across Bob who had also ridden out to accompany us. An excellent choice of cafe was Oliver’s Pantry where we enjoyed quite a leisurely break.

The next control was at Fountains Abbey and after the drop down to Fountain Hall we had the steep climb up to Sawley Hall followed by the very steep descent into Hebden Wood and then the greater than 1 in 20 ramp out of it which had some of us resorting to walking.

With the wind behind us again soon Markington and Bisop Monkton were despatched where Bob and Geoff (Jeff?) left us.

In a cafe in Boroughridge we chatted with three ladies from York who were doing the Audax where reasonable coffee was marred by very substandard flapjack. On the last section down through the Dunsforths the pace quickened a little and by 16:30 we were signing off at the finish control in Tockwith.

This was a well-organised Audax with a fantastic route and comes highly recommended. I think I’ll have to join Wetherby Wheelers after this generous introduction.