Wetherby – How Stean, Sunday 23rd June 2024

Destination Howstean
Weather. Good at last

Defeated by Trapping Hill.! Boo

Sunday Morning in the Shambles and there are Graham, Pete D., Bill and me ready to go , Geoff having made a late cancellation. We had a quick coffee at Ripley and continued up and down to Pately Bridge where, as planned earlier, Bill left to ride back and watch some tennis on ’t telly. That’s now three of us on the pleasant road up Nidderdale, past Gouthwaite reservoir – with loads of classic MG’s , to Lofthouse and Howstean Gorge and lunch. We agreed to take Trapping Hill and the road to Masham. Trapping Hill, as all Wheelers know has a steep start, a moderate (relatively) middle bit and a steep bit before a long drag. I was doing OK up to the second steep bit but then………Reader, I walked it. Just for a few yards. Something is trying to tell me something. Oh well,- it just meant that Pete and Graham had to wait a little longer at the cattle grid. The highlights of this route are the the road up the valley , the good café (at Howstean), and then the moor top ride mostly down hill to Masham which was especially good with the sunshine and following wind .
We sped past Masham, West Tanfield, paused in B’bridge and parted happily on the A168 . Great day.