WW Tuesday Ride to Snaith, 18 June 2024.

I had deliberated on which route to choose for the Tuesday trundle, in the end fancying Holme on Spalding Moor. However as is often the case cafes can be closed early in the week and this was the case at H on SM. I wasn’t keen on diverting to Market Weighton or Allerthorpe although they would have supplied excellent fayre.
In discussion with Keith he suggested Snaith and as we hadn’t used it as a destination what a good call. Keith agreed to map a Strava course, since he had a couple of sweet variations, which took in Ferrybridge and Knottingley, which apart from him we hadn’t used before as an approach to Womersley. Plus our return was to make use of a very quiet lane back from Snaith.
Today’s runners and riders were Keith, Neil, Pete C, Bob L, Bill, Nick, Dave W and your very own Hack. The route was 57 miles in view of the likelihood of rain later. Good to see Bill back, who had been busy replacing an old boiler. 🥰

Leaving BS we took the usual route to Aberford and Micklefield, heading down the Great North road, it was here Pete C took a rest claiming a dropped chain. To be fair his hands were covered in oil afterwards.
Moving on we came to Brotherton where despite my Garmin Keith took the lead. As we rode from Brotherton to Ferrybridge we needed to negotiate the dual carriageway and pleasingly there was a cycle/pedestrian path enabling us to bypass it. From here we crossed the old original bridge which I have to say looked out of place following all the changes.
The first bridge was erected in 1839 and then sold to Dorset, excellent Yorkshire business. 😊 A second one was built by 1896 and having ridden over it, definitely worth an inspection.
Riding through Ferrybridge and Knottingley took us back out into the country and Womersley. Turning east we headed for Pollington on a road none of us had experienced before, excellent choice and a straight one as well.
Arriving at Snaith we coffeeed and ate at the Bon Appetit cafe in the main street. With seating both inside and outside at the rear we found a suitable location. Keith reminded us that the WW website had a map/list of cafes in the country.
Leaving Snaith we headed north over the river and at Carlton turned through the village to pick up a tremendous lane which I believe we never met a car either way!
A short turn on and off the main road and we were heading to Burn on another quiet lane, crossing the the A19 and heading to Brayton. We were now on familiar territory as we went through Thorpe Willoughby to Cawood and Ulleskelf. Pete C had another short rest as his chain was playing up. No we weren’t pulling it . 😂 Finally up through Stutton to Bramham where we all peeled off for home.

Well done to Keith on the route variations, Bill who was keen to get his fitness back and Bob for getting through his longest ride this year. Neil was his usual solid self. 💪
Dave and I accompanied Nick back to Tockwith before heading to Wetherby. A spot of licking up to the Chairman. After we all got got home it hammered it down. 🌧️💧🌧️