Sunday 16 June.

Billed as the Memorial Ride when we meet up with a few who used to ride with us in times past and some friends of others who are no longer with us. Nick, Bob J, Steve B and Michael Brawley had a good send off from some old friends in Wetherby and with some additional company set off to meet Pete C en route. We took the Old Great North Road through Micklefield but later turned off it to go via Lumly and Monk Fryston to the rendezvous at Birkin where more were seated en plain air (that’s enough French) with their coffee and cake. We joined in. The craic went on a long time, (multilingual now), so nobody had much enthusiasm for a longer ride but we took a few loops on the way home to top it up a bit. The weather wasn’t all that good but better than it had been on Saturday for the BBQ Glad that Stuart could get there with his leg in a pot. Of course he didn’t ride -he’s good but not that good.