WW Tuesday Ride to Pickering, 11 June 2024.

I had planned for a drive and ride to start at Easingwold and ride to Pickering and back.
However a mixture of holidays, illness, injuries and hospital appointments conspired to make for a low attendance, or maybe they didn’t fancy it.
As a result only four were up for the adventure. They were Neil, Dave W, Keith and your resident Hack, in addition they decided to ride from home making it a full circuit.
We have Pickering on the Sunday runs card so getting out that way for some different lanes meant making an effort, since it isn’t a regular destination.

I met the three in Easingwold sat on a park bench looking blankly at their surroundings, three flowerpot men. 😊🪴 As no one else was expected we were away before the scheduled start.
Our route took us initially to Crayke and the castle is visible from the approach. Apparently the castle dates from the 15th century however to look at it, it doesn’t resemble the traditional castle appearance. As lots of places the church had their hands on it as it was originally attributed to Bishop Hugh Pudsey.
Charging up the hill through the village while dodging an articulated truck we headed for Brandsby. The village toponymy (there’s a word for you, who knows the definition), is of Scandinavian origin named after a Norseman called Brand.
The main climb of the day is Brandsby Bank which is a good leg warmer and the three flowerpot men left me to grind it out.
Turning east we rode to Hovingham which has a splendid looking hall. From there it is 4 miles along the Malton Road before turning north at Barton le Street. We were now into the wind but with hedge row protection and quaint villages to enjoy, plus an appearance by the sun further enhanced our ride.
Passing through Butterwick, Salton and Normanby we emerged on the road into Marton where we turned and headed on the final leg to Pickering. Marton is a lovely village and it was time for a photo.

At least you can see my bike and gilet removed to display the Club strip.
Arriving at Pickering we found we had missed our train so headed for the Ropery cafe instead. Sat outside we tucked into beans on toast, poached egg, sausage and egg sandwiches plus flapjack, ( Keith is addicted), accompanied by coffee. The latter could be better but very good value for money.
We had removed our jackets and gilet as it was warm out of the wind. While the three put their jackets back on ready for the return, I felt brave enough to manage without. Within a mile I had it back on. In fact it got cooler as the day wore on.
Initially retracing our route there is a bridge over the old railway line and here we turned left heading south towards Amotherby. The views from this narrow lane on the ridge were excellent in all directions and with a gentle tailwind we took full advantage. Beware there is a sharp left hander at the bottom of a descent.
Crossing the Malton road at Amotherby we had a mile steady climb upto the Coneysthorpe road where turning right we headed to the cross roads and turned south along the Castle Howard Road. Probably the most traffic experienced here as we past the Obelisk and went through the walled arch entrances. We turned west again heading to Bulmer, another quaint village and time for another photo stop.

Instruction to me, no more selfies, clearly frighten the natives. Need to go to Specsavers since my view in the mirror doesn’t match the camera. 😂
A spot of action, down the Bulmer descent and up the climb, thanks for waiting guys.
From here we were back on more well known terrain, Sheriff Hutton, Farlington, Stillington, and into Easingwold.
We stopped to allow Dave to ring home to get an extension of time for the ride. We took the opportunity to devour some nutrition, Neil being extra ravenous, Mars bar and an apple. 😊🍎
The last 20 miles took the usual route, Alne then over the Aldwark Bridge to Thorpe Underwood. We turned right to take the Whixley village road and crossing the A59 and onto the narrow lane negotiating the level crossing, no time for train spotting.
Finally up the A168 to Wetherby where Dave and I peeled off leaving Keith and Neil to ensure they got a ton achieved. Well done chaps.

Thanks guys a great day out, weather remained fine and home for 4pm.