WW Saturday Social Ride to Birkin, 8 June 2024.

Six out, Phil R and Michael Brawley (guest appearance), met me at the Shambles. Bob L and Pete C at Bowcliffe Hall and Pete D at Aberford. A fine day but a strong westerly wind.
We set off South on the A168 cycle path and then the A168 proper. In a very short time we ran into the parked traffic queuing for the Bramham Horse Trials. I had forgotten they were on this weekend. Weaving in and out delayed our arrival to collect the others.
Once together we rode through Aberford and Micklefield towards the Great North Road. We turned left down Westfield Lane and then right to Lumby.
We now had a tailwind. Through Monk Fryston and Hillam. It was here the roads were wet but thankfully we had missed the shower.
Birkin Fisheries cafe continues to be a favourite with cyclists from all around, in fact that was all that were there. Still a cash only establishment. Pete C covered his Scotland trip, Fraserburgh looks a lovely coastal town.
Pete D had been busy with household chores before his good wife was expected home.

Suitably refreshed we headed to West Haddesley and Gateforth. From there Thorpe Willoughby. At this point we were across the wind and occasionally into the wind.

Come’eth the hour come’eth the man. Despite due to ride with the Valley Striders over Park Rash on Sunday, Michael went straight to the front and towed all of us to Church Fenton and Ulleskelf, only having a breather to allow Pete D to take a turn.
The superlative six stayed together through Stutton and onto Toulston Lane where we then took our separate ways home. Many thanks to Michael our guest rider for his work on the front. An appearance by Phil was also welcome, he had run out of excuses. 😊 Good to see Bob getting back to his old self.
Thanks guys, enjoyed the ride.