WW Thursday Ride, 6 June 2024, Barnholdswick but turned early at Bolton Bridge.

This is a supplementary report as I turned early. I felt it was worth covering my alternative effort. The weather was sunny and fine but there was a stiff westerly wind.

Graham had assembled a strong unit for the day’s ride. Mike B, Steve W, Ian, Sean C , Sean F , Phil W, Pete D and Mark L. We were due to collect Denis at the A61 and Kathy at Farnley.
Our route was straight into the wind and out via Sicklinghall, Weeton, Castley, Farnley and Otley.
As I was off the back I agreed with Graham to take the flat route of the Arthington road and Otley road with Graham pacing me while the others stuck to the pukka route.
We were due to meet them at Billams Hill where Graham said he would wait leaving me to ride on via Asquith, Nesfield and Beamsley to the cafe at Bolton Bridge. I now had no wheel to follow.
With the weather and scenery bright I took the opportunity to make a couple of stops to take a few photos. It was at the second the peleton past me.
At the cafe scones, toasted tea cakes and coffee were the order of the day but I stuck to my beans on toast. 😊
It was here I discovered Mike and Mark had turned at Ilkley. Sean C who had also planned to turn early ventured back the same way but not before an ascent of Langbar. 👌 I had decided to turn as the pace and wind were proving too much.
Dennis indicated he would only go to Skipton and Pete D also felt inclined to head back. His route again being Ilkley, Otley and a tour of Eccup Reservoir.

In my case I had not ridden this next leg for a while and decided it was worth the effort. Heading out via Barden Tower, Skyreholme and Stump Cross Caverns, not literally. 😊
The first 10 miles included 1500 feet of climbing and I still had not reached the top of Greenhow. The views made up for it though. Once at the top, gilet back on as it was chilly in the wind, ready for the fun.
Duck Street is slightly downhill and with a tailwind I was pushing 30 mph all the way to Stonehouse Crossroads. From there onto Menwith Hill Road, ignoring Pennypot lane, and then down through Birstwith followed by a climb up past Clint. The next leg was Burnt Yates, Ripley, Nidd, Scotton, Farnham, Knaresborough and into Wetherby.

A great ride even though I missed the full official route , plus chapeau to those that made it.

Finally spare a thought for the D Day commemorations as I suspect we all had family who would have been involved.