WW Tuesday Ride to Selby.

Dave W and I rode across to BS Church in time for our 9.15 start. Despite being early we couldn’t beat Mark who was waiting when we arrived.
Bob L, Keith, Neil and Pete D soon followed and our company was further enhanced with Nick, I can’t make it, joining as well. Pete C was away enjoying the rain ☔️ in Scotland.
The weather promised rain by midday so a shorter route was planned.
After a quick update on my ailments we set off through Bramham to Aberford and Micklefield. This initial stage was into the wind but thankfully not too strong. An update on Watsapp by Gavin, a bite causing an infection just goes to show what a susceptible lot we were and we were later to hear Nick also was to join the club of invalids.
Continuing down the Great North Road to Fairburn we turned east out of the wind towards Burton Salmon.
Nick needed to be back early and he left us as we headed to Hillam, Birkin, West Haddesley, Gateforth and Selby.
The pace was steady and after Fairburn rain jackets were donned but as usual it didn’t last long although it did start again as we rode into Selby.
With the kind weather, the steady conversations continued in the peleton as we caught up on the gossip and each other’s ailments.
As was often the case the barriers were down waiting for the goods train to pass, which seemed to go on for ever.
Our usual watering hole of the Hub was busy and as it was raining we decided to try Violets cafe round the corner. Plenty of space and slightly up market in appearance.
The inside was decked out with artificial flowers and foliage 🌷but thankfully the American WW2 bomber overhead had its bomb doors closed. ✈️
There were only two people serving so it was a longer wait than usual, however the food was freshly made and good. Especially the toasted panini’s and salad.
While we were there the rain started and stopped and started again, this time heavier. Rain ☔️ 🧥🧥 on and away we went. Our return route enjoyed a tailwind.
Initially taking the Cawood road but turning onto the Sherburn road we headed through Bishopwood on what is one of the worst surfaces. Through Biggin and Ulleskelf upto the A162.
Unfortunately I had a chain jam whilst changing from the big to the small chain ring , thankfully no real issue other than an oily hand.
Once up through Stutton and onto Toulston Lane we said our goodbyes as three peeled off into Bramham, Pete D headed for Leeds, Mark to Scarcroft leaving Dave and I to journey home to Wetherby. A good turnout of eight on a mixed day.
Thanks guys for a good ride and the rain abated before home. Special thanks to Keith for taking up the baton in my absence.