Thursday Ride to Skipton, 23rd May 2024, 73 miles.

Not a brilliant weather forecast for the day but still Graham, Phil, Sean F, and Greg were ready in the Shambles for the 9.30 start. Dennis would join us somewhere and Kathy and Mike Bosomworth planned to join us in Farnley. It was the normal Sicklinghall route out towards Pool. Dennis was waiting at the A61 and Kathy was in her usual spot. Mike sent word he would catch us at the cafe in Addingham. Last time we called at the Joyful Deli we all sat out side in the sunshine, this time it appeared dead and lifeless. We soon found out the everyone was inside keeping warm. We sat outside of course. This is becoming one of my favourite Cafes. Nice people and good produce.
Mike was now on board but Kathy decided to turn for home and we headed out of Addingham and in to a strong SW wind. Up the hill towards Silsden before turning right in to Cringles Lane. Now it was across the moor and down the hill to Bradley. In Bradley we turned left in to Crag Lane where there is a nasty little climb. At the top of the hill we stopped to look at the flooding in the Aire valley. It was then down the hill to Cononley and the old road to Skipton, with a minor detour to avoid some flooding.
Lunch was in our normal cafe the Coffee Mill. It was forecast to rain pm and I was going to take the most direct way home but as we approach Draughton we decided to drop down the hill to the A59. Very little traffic and we could actually ride in pairs down to Bolton Bridge. It was then the normal return home. Sean had left us in Skipton, Greg departed in Otley and Dennis in Kirkby Overblow. Luckily not one drop of rain all day.