Sunday 12 May

Sunday 12 May
Destination. Hebden
Weather. Misty at first sunshine later
Whose out? Only 2 today-Graham and Nick

Firstly- hats off to Mike Bosomworth and Steve Pearson who were both running in the Leeds Marathon. Still with one or two in recuperation it was a low turnout again in spite off the improving weather and the option of an early turn at Fewston.
Graham and I didn’t hang around in Wetherby. After Burn Bridge we took Pennypot Lane- it’s a little shorter and flatter than the alternative and we had a long way to go but it is a boring few miles relieved only by some spectacular gorse flowering at the far end. At Fewston Farm shop we took a quick coffee but were surrounded by other customers with “Full English”breakfasts. No ,we didn’t.
Duck Street isn’t a street in the usual sense. It’s a long undulating road over a moor and on a bad day with a headwind it is a nightmare but today in the improving sun, we could enjoy the wilder views. And so to Greenhow to join the Grassington road which, although rather lumpy, is rewarding with great scenery and descents although that at Debble’s Bridge is potentially dangerous with a sharp bend forcing you to kill your speed before the next up. Cresting the last rise before Hebden brings a fine moment as you see the village in the pretty valley ahead and can now roll down to the café. It is a good place to stop but when Graham asked for beans toast he was politely told that it was off because they are “simplifying the menu”. As he said later, what’s simpler than that! There were quite a few classic cars out today. I rather liked a dark blue Alfa Spyder but just got a photo off this immaculate 2CV. (Sorry, this is about bikes isn’t it).
Home via Appletreewick and the quiet road to Bolton Abbey and the crowds. As I crawled up the Castley hill with G a long way in front I was overtaken by an electric bike with the rider telling me that I looked like I needed one. Thanks -that made me feel good. Great day though- we’ll get the marathon news later.