Wetherby – Boroughbridge, Saturday 11th May 2024, 42 miles

9am is a bit of an early start for me but it was by far the warmest morning of the year to date, so it seemed churlish not to ride.
I arrived at the Shambles to find Pete C, Bob, Dave and Glyn sitting there. It was one of Glyn’s recovery rides and he said he was only here to say hello but that his rides were getting longer and he would join us on a club outing before long.
We set off towards Knaresborough in the brilliant sunshine, Phil joined us in Kirk Deighton and the ride was uneventful as we weaved through Farnham and Bishop Monkton towards Boroughbridge. Then, without warning, Phil hit the deck in spectacular fashion with his bike landing upside down in a small ditch and its rider lying in a field of corn with a bloody knee. After a few worrying minutes, it transpired that Phil could continue (though he will be sore tomorrow) and more importantly his bike was undamaged! Luckily, we were only 4 miles from the coffee stop. We sat outside in the sun at the Café Plenty in Boroughbride and cheered Phil up with stories of our latest hospital visits and assorted problems with elderly relatives.
We rode home to Wetherby and Boston Spa via the Dunsforths at a leisurely pace and arrived home on schedule, just after 1pm.

Sean C