Tuesday 30th April 2024 – Boston Spa-Bolton Bridge – 60miles

Ride leader Steve was missing due to illness so we had to cobble together a ride without him. Pete D, Mark, Neil P, Steve P, Dave W and me (Keith R) formed a lead group heading for Bolton Bridge while Pete C, Bill K, Bob L and Stuart W headed on a similar route but turning back at Otley.

It was a breezy morning but the wind came from the South so it was mostly a cross-wind on the way out. We went through Sicklinghall, Kirkby Overblow, Weeton before going over the climb through Farnley to Otley. After that, it was a steady ride on the back road but this was much busier thanks to the A59 being closed at Kex Gill. After a lunch sitting in the sun at Bolton Bridge, we retraced our route back to Otley again, with lots of traffic. At Otley, we took the main road to Bramhope before turning off to Eccup. The reservoir was looking full for once!

After that, we took Wigton Lane to the Dexter where Steve and Pete took the road to Shadwell while the rest of us headed for Scarcroft where Mark left us. It was then a quick descent to the bottom of Shadwell before going through Thorner and past Bramham Park. There is a short climb coming away from the park and, judging by the complaints, it is fair to say it is not a popular section! After that it was a quick sprint back to Bramham where Dave turned of for Wetherby.

The weather was better than we expected and the route goes through some very pleasant Wharfe valley villages – all in all, a really good ride!