WW Tuesday Ride to Fountains Abbey, 55 miles, 9 April 2024.

With the weather looking distinctly unsettled a smaller group assembled at BS church for the day’s ride.
A mixture of weather, medical appointments and birthdays kept some of the regulars away. Mr Pearson was assisting his better half with her birthday week 🎉🎁 so would be absent. The sound of a flock of moths escaping filled the air as his wallet was opened. 💳😂 This left Pete C, Neil, Keith and me Steve B to form a peleton.
The plan was a shorter ride in the hope we dodged the rain expected around lunchtime, still a reasonable destination though. Our route took us over the Wharfe, along the cycle path and onto the A168.
Hopefully a quicker alternative than going through Knaresborough. We exited at the Arkendale turning and headed for Staveley and Copgrove. Pete peeled off at Arkendale to maintain his steady comeback process heading home via Knaresborough, but not before getting drenched. We In turn needed rain jackets as we rode onto Burton Leonard and Markington. Having had the breeze in our face for a while it was much appreciated turning across it and down wind for the return. While the rain relented the regular road flooding continued, I always loved the log floom.
Rather than go through Studley Roger we headed to the Pateley Bridge road and onto Ripon. At this point we decided a coffee at BB made sense and took advantage of the breeze to splash on.
At BB we found ample space at Plenty where coffees and refreshments did the trick.
Unfortunately as we left the cafe the rain returned leaving us the rest of our journey through the Dunsforths to Whixley not only wet but windy.
Rather than risk a possible flood at Cattail bridge we went through Whixley village heading to Scate Moor Lane and over the railway crossing 🛤️ back to the A168.
Both Neil and Keith had shown great restraint when I dropped off on the inclines, my heavy winter bike, not to mention heavy physique not helping. As I was nearest to home I suggested they crack on to Bramham.
Not great conditions but still enjoyed our ride, thanks for the patience guys waiting for me.