Wetherby to Otley, Sunday 7th April 2024, 40 miles

{Category Ride Report]

This Sunday saw just Nick and Graham as the only members on the start line for the ride to the White Horse. Thankfully we were both in agreement that this was not a sensible destination due to the strong winds. Otley was settled on and we set off for Sicklinghall and the roads towards Pool. At the A61 Nick suggested we take in Almscliffe Crag so we turned right and headed for North Rigton. We were accompanied by a rather annoying click from my left pedal. The roads happily were fairly dry and mud free and we stopped at the crag for Nick to take some pictures. After the crag we turned right to pass the model aircraft field and then left for the Hamlet of Braythorn and then stopped at Stainburn church. From the gate we could see a church open sign and decided to investigate. Sure enough it was open and we spent a few minutes looking around. It’s a grade 1 listed building. Its Norman and very simple and little altered since its founding. Once back on the road and riding down hill to Leathley we noticed miraculously that the annoying click had disappeared. Church on a Sunday anyone??
We then took the hill to Farnley and down into Otley and the Milk Bar cafe. A leisurely coffee accompanied with eggs were enjoyed while we chatted about cycling accidents and more. Finally, we set off for Bramhope on the Leeds Road. Then the back roads to Eccup Reservoir. We were now being pushed along by the southerly winds, the sun was out and we started to meet people on the Tad Sportive. At Thorner Lane out of Scarcroft Andrew Clayton passed us, having lost or burned off all his group. Andrew turned right here while Nick and I went left for East Rigton and Collingham. Sun, warm tail wind, dry roads, great company – what does that remind me of? Cheers Nick.