Sunday 31st March 2024 ride to Terrington 65 miles

It was a very welcome sunny morning at the Shambles in Wetherby where myself, Nick, Graham and Michael met at 9.30am for the ride to Terrington. As the clocks had gone forward over night it was a bit chilly to start with but it didn’t matter as we were all so glad to see the sun after months of rain. The roads had even dried out a bit!

We made our way to Easingwold admiring the newly refurbished Aldwark bridge and given the relatively quiet roads I can only assume that most other people hadn’t ‘lost’ the extra hour yet and were still in bed. Sorry to Michael for having to go through his ‘thumb’ injury details again as I had missed it from before.

Coffee in Easingwold was at Fika and I recounted how I had seen a temporary tarn full of frogs spawning near the top of Whernside yesterday. (Picture attached for those who are interested even although it’s not related to cycling) Nick, a font of knowledge about nature, explained how dragonfly larvae eat tadpoles and so we deduced that maybe the frogs were spawning so high up Whernside away from where there are any dragonflies larvae. I also learnt from Nick how to tell a Sparrowhawk from a Kestrel based on their flight pattern.

After coffee we made our way through Crayke and Brandsby on lovely quiet roads before joining up with the Sheriff Hutton:Terrington road making our way towards Terrington Bank. A couple of 1 in 15 sections and we were at the top and at the tea rooms in the village. We must have been sweating after the climb as we were directed to a table in the courtyard away from the other customers, where I ordered tea and Nick, Michael and Graham coffees, together with a selection of eggs and bean on toast. 5 Minutes later, after our server had consulted the kitchen staff, we were informed that beans and eggs on toast were not available so we changed our orders to paninis and jacket potatoes instead. They did make up for it by delivering the largest pot of tea for one, including a jug of hot water, that I have ever been served!

The way back was through Sheriff Hutton, Stillington, Huby and Tollerton back to Aldwark Bridge. We noted for future rides that the shop/coffee stop in Huby has had a revamp and looked very smart! We escorted Nick back to Tockwith and then it was back to Wetherby for Graham, Michael and Myself. Thank you guys for a lovely cycle and to the rain gods for a sunny, dry spring day.