Sunday24 March

Sunday 24 March
Destination Howden
Riders Graham, Greg, Nick.
Weather Sunny, breezy, cool

For once the weather on Sunday looked quite good. If we went to Howden the wind would help us out there and the BBC reckoned it was going to drop in the afternoon. Greg was waiting at the Town Hall in the sunshine instead of the Shambles but Graham found him as he rode in. Our departure was enlivened by a scrap between a Sparrow Hawk and a Pigeon in the middle of the road. Result Pigeon escaped, Sparrow Hawk still hungry. It’s a tough old world on Wetherby High Street.
Howden is a small town with much historical charm but I have always thought the ride to it rather plain whichever route we took, so I had been looking at the map on Saturday evening and noticed a little road which I hadn’t explored before. First though, the following wind helped us past Naburn Bridge to Escrick and Skipwith. There are no cafés this way and we decided not to stop at Escrick garage. Crossing the River Derwent into Bubwith we found the “new’ road and turned down towards Breighton and Wressle. Definitely a good move. The quite road winds prettily along the banks of the Derwent ( which hasn’t got far to go by now) , so whilst none of us had seen it before ,we agreed it is the way to go next time. Graham knew that Wressle had a castle so we looked for it and found it. Mainly built late 14th C it isn’t all there now but the remaining ruins have been somewhat restored and it is an impressive sight. So impressive in fact ,that I persuaded Greg and Graham to hold my bike for the day’s photo with the castle in the background. (It is on private land and only accessible by appointment).
From Wressle, you can go to the A63 but we don’t like that much and anyway we would be seeing enough of it in the afternoon, so we took a more pleasant bendy road, but without the river , to Brind and shortly joined our better known road into Howden. The Café in the Market Place had a limited menu but served up the goods whilst we discussed exotic holidays and far away adventures. Fed and caffienated we faced the breeze in our faces for the return trip. It had dropped a bit- at least, I thought so but I was just hanging on to Graham or Greg’s wheel a lot of the way. We missed a small turning but took the next one in Hemingbrough, eventually passing Osgodby, Riccall and Cawood to Tadcaster where we parted from Greg, then home. 😊😊😊