sunday 3 march

Sunday 3 March
Destination Allerthorpe
Riders Graham, PeteD., Bob J. and Nick (report)
Weather Clear but cold

As well as the above riders, Steve B turned up in the Shambles but with a totally non functioning front brake. He sensibly decided to go no further. Allerthorpe is a fairly regular destination. There is a good café beside a lake which is designed around leisure activities, it’s about 60 miles from Wetherby by the shorter route and the roads are pleasant and not challenging. In fact I can only think of one small hill between Stockton -on -the- Forest and Stamford Bridge- the rest is pancake flat. At this time of year the attraction comes from advancing signs of Spring. The snowdrops are giving way to early daffs and the blackthorn is coming out along with some early cherry blossom. We took the slightly longer route via Stamford Bridge where poor King Harold had to fight of Norse invaders before marching south to be defeated by William of Normandy.(1066 and all that). Over coffee we complained of cold hands and headache cures. The rest of the ride was uneventful. There wasn’t much leisure activity on the lake today and we didn’t spent too long over lunch. On the way back we chanced to meet a cycling friend of Graham’s who rode with us until his chain broke in Wheldrake.As we stood around wondering about trying to fix it he decided to phone his everloving to get a lift back. I bet that made her day but he was in safe hands so we left him. Bob left us at Elvington and at Escrick Pete veered towards home leaving me and Graham for the last 15 or so miles. We agreed that we ‘d be glad to get home and warm. Nice day though.