Sunday 18 Feb

Sunday 18 Feb
Who? Nick, Bob J., Pete D.
Where ? Thirsk via Aldwark Bridge and Coxwold
Fore cast. Dull at first. Sun later.

Three of us in The Shambles at 09.30 and all keen to go over Aldwark Bridge which has been closed for ten months and re opened yesterday. During that time we have had to make a few detour miles to get to many favourite destinations. The Ride Card said Hampsthwaite but that’s in totally the wrong direction and more importantly, the café there is always closed in February. I forget this every year and put it on the list. Kathy reminds me but that’s in February and I create the list in November so I’ve forgotten by then!
Anyway we would have to celebrate the bridge being open ( like many other cyclists), so it was coffee at Easingwold and then lumpy roads with good views to Kilburn and Thirsk. We actually just missed Thirsk by stopping at the café at Bagby thus knocking a couple of miles or so off the ride. Along with the sun, a fair breeze had got up but it was mainly helpful on the way home. At Boroughbridge Bob peeled off for home in K’bro and I arrived home, congratulating myself for having kept up with Pete all down the A168. 64 miles for me but quite a bit further for him to get home for his dinner. Whilst writing this ,I forgot to put ours in the oven so we’ll be late with it!