WW Saturday Ride around some local lanes, 40 miles, 10 February 2024

The weather continues to govern when and where we ride and Saturday was no different, although it was forecast to be fine but cloudy. However fog and mist were to be the order of the morning. Along with plenty of surface water. Consequently I decided on a shorter effort.
There was a pleasant surprise when I arrived at the Shambles as not only was Pete D there but also Dave W and a guest rider, 👏 had turned up.
The potential new member had found our website and showing excellent initiative had ridden down to join us.
His name is John Miller and had moved to Sicklinghall in December. Showing competent leadership I checked his brakes worked and asked if he had ECD. Yes was the answer although the second question I didn’t ask until halfway round. 👎
John informed us he was from East Sussex and was a member of the Lewes Wanderers Cycling Club. Situated in land between Brighton and Eastbourne. Presumably the wandering had inadvertently lead him to Yorkshire and Sicklinghall. 😊
We set off down the Walton road to meet Pete C and after further introductions rode on to Wighill, Tadcaster, Oxton. The stretch of road between the A64 bridge and Oxton provided the first test as we rode through the centre of the road to negotiate the flood. As is the case on a Saturday there were plenty of fellow devotees practicing their riding and no sooner had we passed the flood, we met another group coming in the opposite direction who shouted, Deep Flood Ahead. The water had collected in the hollow coming out of Oxton.
Ever reliable Pete D showed his bravery and took it on first, I thought if he gets an early bath we can abort. Could have been quite a baptism for our guest. 🏊
We also made sure other groups coming towards Tadcaster got a similar warning.
Having all got safely through we rode on to Appleton Roebuck, down Daw lane turning north to Acaster Airfield and Malbis. As expected the Ouse was very swollen. We then headed to Copmanthorpe and Askham Richard and our cafe stop at the Grange.

The cafe was busy but not before we muscled in on a table. Normally there are more staff on but today just the two.
We did say to John all new riders paid for the coffee, Pete C said this ordinarily included full English breakfast. Only joking. 🙃
After our refuelling we set off for home, Pete C needed to be back early for family duties and left us to ride to Healaugh, we headed to Rufforth, Long Marston and Tockwith, and in true holiday guide fashion pointed out the Marston Moor monument.
After Cowthorpe we turned to Wetherby on the Knaresborough road and as Pete D had further to go he sped on leaving Dave and I to see John to Wetherby.
Despite the mist a good ride and hopefully we gave our guest convivial company and as much information about the club to enable him to decide on whether he would like to join.

Steve B