WW Tuesday Ride to Brimham Rocks and Ripon, 56 miles , 30 January 2024.

Normally it is the Thursday ride which tackles the hills but I decided an early ride with some climbs seemed a good start for the year, that said not as challenging.
I rode across to BS Church and couldn’t help notice after the rain how high the Wharfe was, something which we would witness on the roads.
Waiting at BS church was Pete C and we were soon joined by Keith, Neil and Pete D. Nick was joining us at the top of Linton lane.
Unfortunately Pete C was suffering with a stomach bug and had decided he would turn early. As it was Nick needed to have a short ride also and he and Pete turned at Sicklinghall. This just left the Rampaging Four.
Our route had taken us to Collingham, Linton and up-to Sicklinghall where as I had witnessed before the road was flooded at the top of the street. It never fails to amaze me when this happens although it was easily explained as the pond at the roadside had flooded. No flood at the bottom of the road.
Moving on we rode to KOB and down the lane to the A61 where we turned right and into Burn Bridge. The climb up Hillfoot Lane was steeper resulting in me getting shot out the back. Something that would happen on a few further climbs on the way to Brimham Rocks. I think all three of them probably wished they had donned an extra warm top. Whereas I stayed warm with the extra effort. Mind you they at least got a regular rest.
From Burn Bridge we went to Beckwithshaw and onto Pennypot lane then turned to Hampsthwaite. On a Tuesday Sophie’s cafe is closed so another visit on a different day would be necessary.
Our next effort involved the climb of Clint Bank and turning then north and west up to Burnt Yates. Leaving the Pateley Bridge road we headed to Brimham Rocks. The views continued to improve the higher we got and Neil remarked it was not my normal approach to have a lumpy ride. I pointed out today was specifically for him to celebrate his enjoyment of hill riding.
That was about the only conversation I had on the way out since everyone kept leaving me, fortunately I didn’t take the hint. Plus I refused to stop when I caught them up. This meant I could avoid any feedback. 😂😂
A brief photo stop at the top and we turned down wind and started our descent through Risplith to Ripon, special chapeau to the motorist who stopped and allowed us through a flooded section thereby avoiding a drowning. Our cafe stop was at Tates garden centre. A recommendation from Kathy.
The bike park is round the back and I have to say the place was very welcoming.
A selection of savoury and sweet options along with coffee satisfied our cravings.
Our final route took us over the Ure and through Skelton, again negotiating the flooded sections, to Boroughbridge and up the A168 and home. With a pleasant tailwind we made good time.
The Nidd was running high so avoiding a route to Cattal bridge was probably a wise move.

Many thanks guys for your patience and for an enjoyable ride.

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