WW Thursday ride to Allerthorpe, 25th January 2024, 71 miles.

A decent turn out this week of 10 on one of the better days of the year so far. The first part of the ride took us through York to Dean’s garden centre. It was quite busy but they were quite accommodating and rearranged some tables so that we could all sit together. After the teas and cakes it all looked to be going quite well but I was well aware that if we were to get around the planned route we needed to get a move on. So I left the car park at the head of the group and set off. I wasn’t aware however that Dennis had discovered one of his tyres was a little on the soft side. Now I knew that he wasn’t turning for home as he had said nothing. I won’t go into any more details except to say I had done about 5miles before I realised that Dennis wasn’t with us. Sadly a lost and dejected Dennis headed for home.
The group now pressed on to Pocklington and turned south near the market place to pass Pocklinton School, the gliding club, Allerthorpe village and on to the lake. Again the cafe was surprisingly busy so we all sat in the annex. A limited menu on the day but good quality. We set off thinking that it could rain mid afternoon and the light could diminish early; Leeds chaps in particular. So shortest route home taking account of crossing the river. When we got to Wheldrake we turned left for Eskcrick, left again at Deighton and on to the cycle track before reaching Naburn. When we left the cycle track on the outskirts of Bishopthorpe we knew we had to go through Bishopthorpe village. However second disappointing event of the day now occurred. I stopped to make sure everyone got off the cycle track but the leading group went through some temporary traffic lights and pressed on. The remaining five had no idea which way they had gone so we took our normal route home through Copmanthorpe, Healaugh, Wighill and home. It was about 4.15 when we arrived back but the light had faded. Hope the Leeds boys didn’t get too wet.
The full group was Graham, Pete Dack, Neil, Nick, Dave Westerman, Bob, Greg, Michael Brawley, Steve Pearson and Dennis.