WW Tuesday Ride to Easingwold, 9 January 2024, 60 miles.

Sorry a very late report!
An assortment of Wheelers met at BS church ready for the day’s ride. Keith, Pete D, Bob L, Kathy, Sean C, Dave W and me, Steve B. We were meeting Nick further down Rudgate. Both Pete C and Steve P were recovering from their respective complaints, while Neil showed excellent commonsense taking a weeks holiday in Tenerife.
The plan was to ride to Easingwold for a cafe stop and then back via Huby to Skelton and Poppleton.
Our route took us to Walton, down Rudgate to Cattal, collecting his Nibs on the way and then to Whixley, Great Ouseburn, Dunsforths and into Boroughbridge.
The conversation again covered the Post Office scandal, as well as Kathy’s planned visit to Oz. Going through the Dunsforths we past the grapevines and we felt a visit and testing would be welcome.
At Boroughbridge Nick turned back as he had a meeting to attend.
The next leg took us to Thornton Bridge and into Brafferton where more house building was underway. At this stage we split into two groups with Pete D, Kathy and Sean riding ahead while the four of us stayed back. Bob was not feeling 100% so a gentler pace.
At Easingwold we made full use of Teehee with hot drinks, beans on toast etc and flapjack being the order of the day.
As Bob was not his usual chippy self I set off back with him on a shorter route, not by much though, and asked Keith to follow when ready so we didn’t hold them up. Sean decided to head for Aldwark and take the off road path to get back home.
Bob and I rode to Tollerton then towards Overton. It was here the others caught us and Dave said he would stay with Bob and I while the others rode on. The plan was to cross over the ring road by taking the cycle path. Unfortunately it was obvious it had been flooded and was muddy. Keith rode back to warn us but not before Pete D had slid off and took a mud wallow. Fortunately he was not injured but clearly wet and cold. January is not Pete’s favourite month as his past tumbles had all been in January.
This meant we had to ride down the A19 get round onto the ring road to get to Poppleton.
The ride was proving a challenge.
It was necessary to push on via the Rufforth cycle path, so Keith, Kathy, Dave kept Bob company back to BS, while I rode a more direct route to Wetherby down the B1223. I felt it was the better option to get to my gaff, get Pete’s steed in the car and get him warm and home.
I think Bob may well have picked up some illness as he was struggling. Most unlike him, he is normally as strong as an Ox.
Major apologies to Pete for his slide and clearly a major kit clean.

Another eventful ride, although it stayed fine.🌞