WW Tuesday Ride Copmanthorpe, 45 miles, 16 January 2024

On Monday evening I had reviewed the weather reports and with the roads looking dry and a light SW wind it looked like a promising morning despite being cold and so it proved with some sunshine 🌞 thrown in as well.
Dave W and I set off from Wetherby to meet Keith and Neil at BS church. A number of members had decided to miss the ride due to the risk of ice and sub zero temperatures, understandable, they were letting me down gently I think. 😄
Our usual route took us down Wood Lane and over the Wharfe. Not today folks. Police vans one at either end along with the police tape halted our progress. The nice Police lady apologised even though it wasn’t her fault for the disruption. An incident had taken place although looking at the abandoned vehicle on the bridge it didn’t look much of a problem for pedestrians and cyclists.
Can’t let you through was the cry.
So despite the recovery truck backing onto the bridge some quick thinking was needed, no laughing please 😂.
Out came the phone and a call plus message to Keith and Neil required. As it happens folks Keith had sent a message while we were riding warning us of the closure. Suffice to say we headed for Wighill and then Tadcaster to meet them at the A162 junction out of the centre of the town. This allowed K and N chance to ride through BS to meet us.
We didn’t know the cause of the problem until we got home later and learned a man had fallen off the bridge just before midnight. The body had been found and our condolences to his family.

Well turning to the ride. Because of the cold weather a shorter one was planned. Our destination was Selby and the Hub cafe, out via Tadcaster, Ulleskelf, Church Fenton, Biggin and Bishop Wood. The riding conditions were good and not as cold as expected with the wind remaining very light. Coming out of Biggin I suggested we skip Selby as we had not ridden that far and head to Wistow, Cawood, Stillingfleet and Naburn planning a stop at the Little Acorns cafe at Copmanthorpe. They had a democratic meeting and to avoid me throwing my toys out of the pram agreed. With the breeze at our backs we rode on. Out of Cawood Dave told us of an inconsiderate motorist who had showered him and Pete D on Sunday on the same stretch. No shower today just some ice to avoid and the only piece encountered on the ride. We joined the cycle path at Howden lane where the Highway troops were busy clearing the flooded area under the bridge.
Our route to Copmanthorpe took us through Acaster Malbis, first time for a few weeks we had been able to get through, the fields were still full of water.
The cafe was busy but as we arrived a table became free which meant no one was in danger of being thrown out to make room for us. The hot drinks and food were welcome and despite a warning of snow flurries from Phil R we enjoyed our break.
The final leg of the ride took us to Askham Bryan, Healaugh, Wighill and Walton where we split and went our separate ways home.

Thanks for the ride guys and our efforts were rewarded with some fine weather.