Wetherby to Thirsk, 11th January 2024, 65 miles.

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An excellent turn out in Wetherby for this ride and the prospect of picking up others en route. Nine riders left the shambles and headed for Knaresborough with Nick to join us between North Deighton and Little Ribston. We split into several groups with the
aim of hopefully meeting Geoff and Dennis at Piccadilly Motors. No Geoff or Dennis so we pushed on to meet Kathy on the hill out of Farnham. Geoff was there with Kathy so we now had 12 members but still Dennis was absent. The route now was to go through Ferrensby,
Arkendale, Marton cum Grafton, Lower Dunsford and finally Boroughbridge. Most of the group achieved that and the plan was to have a quick coffee in Plenty. Despite a few missed phone calls we finally found Dennis in the cafe and the group was finally assembled.
At this point Steve Booker decided to do a runner to get ahead of us and took Dave Westerman with him. Steve and Dave missed the break but the rest of us had a pleasant cupper in the back room. Kathy said good bye at this point and the rest of us set off to
chase Steve and Dave.
We took the direct route through Norton le Clay, Cundall, Topcliffe and Carlton Miniott. We didn’t catch the run aways but we were united in the Upstairs Downstairs Cafe. Steve had arrange a nice big table so we could all sit together and the food was excellent.
The only problem at this time of year was that the service was a little slow meaning we had to get a move on to get back to Wetherby in the light. The return journey took us via Dalton and Sessay to Boroughbridge. At this point we would normally return via
Knaresborough but I decided to take the shortest (least popular) route down the A168. Mike Bosomworth opted for the Dunsforths, Bob and Geoff for Arkendale while the rest headed down the Great North Road. I must admit the pace at the front went up a bit and
myself, Michael Brawley, Pete Dack and Dave Westerman made it back to Wetherby for 3.35. I waited at the normal spot and saw both Phil and Steve Pearson. I hope everyone enjoyed the day.
The full 13 person turn out was Graham, Phil, Geoff, Dennis, Kathy, Nick, Bob Johnson, Mike Bosomworth, Michael Brawley, Steve Pearson, Dave Westerman. Steve Booker and Pete Dack.


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