WW Tuesday Ride to Otley, 2 January 2024, 40 miles.

First Club ride of 2024, it was great to be out despite the rain.
On the Monday evening the weather suggested we might make the cafe at Otley before it rained. Well five of us met at BS church, Keith, Pete D, Neil, Bob L and me Steve B. However the forecast had closed in further but not enough to deter us.
Bob needed a shorter ride so he decided on doing about 20 miles out to Healaugh and back via Tadcaster.
That left the four of us to set off to Collingham, Sicklinghall, KOB and then onto Dunskeswick and Weeton. Keith and Pete entertained Neil and I discussing the Fujitsu Post Office system, or should we say disaster for the Post Office Owners. This was followed by the pain of heading a football from the past compared today. Well there were other subjects but I was busy trying to keep up.
Fortunately Weeton wasn’t a problem however we had to avoid Castley and get to Leathley, Farnley via the main road.
The river at Otley was very high but it didn’t stop us enjoying coffee and cake at the Rumble Tum cafe.
The rain had started before we arrived at Otley which meant rain jackets essential.
Our route home was the Leeds road to King Road and then Eccup, Shadwell and Thorner.
The roads were full of water with debris lining the edges. Despite this the views across showed the extent of the flooding.
I was surprised to see the reservoir wasn’t as full as expected.
Pete departed home at Shadwell and I said my goodbye to head home to Wetherby on the A168 before Neil and Keith rode into Bramham.

Top company guys and enjoyed being out.