Boston Spa to Ripon and Boroughbridge, Tuesday 5th December 2023, 43 miles

Six people, GB, Mike Bosomworth, Michael Brawley, Pete Dack, Phil and Sean F turned out for the final Thursday ride of the year. There may have been a few more looking to shed a few pounds but were put off by the forecast of strong winds. We were heading for Ripon and Olivers Pantry which according to their web site was open. The minor problem was a forecast for rain between 12 and 1.00 . Progress through Knaresborough and Staveley was easy because of the tail wind. At Boroughbridge the Ure was extremely high and we now turned in to the wind to head through Skelton. Annoyingly the forecast rain arrived early and rain jackets were needed for the last few miles through Copt Hewick and Sharow.

Thankfully Olivers was open and we managed to sit out most of the heavy rain discussing knife crime and eating bacon sandwiches. Stupidly I managed to leave my gloves outside during the cafe stop.

The return journey followed the normal route through Bishop Monkton to Knaresborough and then home. The return home was windy but without the expected big gusts.