WW Tuesday Ride to Selby, 12 December 2023, 45 miles.

Only five riders out due to the conditions as well as those recovering from illness, injury and house removals.
The festive five were Keith, Bob L , Pete C, who had recovered from his headaches, Pete D and me Steve B, Santa’s helper.
Damp and misty weather was the order of the day as we rolled out across the Wharfe to Walton and Wighill.
With all the rain we had endured some areas were suffering in biblical proportions.
The bridges at Tadcaster, Cawood were closed and flooding had closed the roads at Ulleskelf and Acaster Malbis. In addition there was plenty of standing water on the roads to add to the fun. Consequently the route selected was hopefully going to avoid these obstacles.

Once through Healaugh we sailed through 3 log flumes heading to Copmanthorpe. After which to get over the Ouse we had to go via Bishopthorpe.

We stopped on the bridge to survey the scene, pretty incredible but not really pretty and attached a picture of how it normally looks.


Can you guess what the 2 Narinja old boy’s are saying?

Answer at the end.

The plan was to come off the path onto Howden Lane and ride to Stillingfleet and Riccall. Change of plan, the lane was like a lake! Which meant we rode along the Planet’s path to Riccall and Selby. Festive photos enclosed.

We managed to squeeze into the Hub cafe thanks to Pete D’s smooth moves asking the lady on her own to swap tables allowing us the bigger one.

Pleased to say their homemade Christmas cake was available.

After hot drinks and food we headed back via Bishop Wood, Biggin, Church Fenton to Barkston Ash. Keith and I talking about the Covid enquiry and what it hopes to achieve. We then covered heart rates and the affects of adrenaline and stress when riding. Mmmm heavy stuff.
Its not surprising how we all talk of ailments be it our own or family.

After Lotherton we said our goodbyes to Pete D as he peeled off for home at Aberford, leaving the four of us to ride to Bramham where we finally split for our respective dwellings.

Big well done to Pete C who hadn’t been out for a while but was in excellent form and to Bob for checking I was okay during the ride, as well as the lads waiting for me.

Many thanks guys, enjoyed the ride.


A lot of water 💧💧💧💧 dude. 😄