Wetherby Wheeler’s Christmas Lunch, Crooked Billet, Saxton, 10 December 2023.

Just a brief report on the Club’s Festive Lunch.
This year only 21 of us and slightly down on-last year due to illness, Nick our Chairman had flu and a medical operation for Kathy on her wrist. Unfortunately 4 short of an Advent Calendar 📆.

Also this year Laura had accommodated us on two tables and not in the Conservatory.

On Table 1 were the high flyers including our Club President Frank and a warm welcome to Kenn as well. Pete C and Bob L were acting as chauffeurs. In addition the Club Treasurer, Alec, had loosened his Scrooge like purse to ensure all had a drink to celebrate the occasion. Plus not least was the Club Secretary with his festive top and sporting a Father Christmas beard. Sorry guys the rest of you at the table fall into the Elf category.
It is worth saying though that 4 of them, Graham, Michael, Greg and Mike B had ridden across in somewhat miserable conditions.

On Table 2 were the also rans including our meal Coordinator Bill, full marks for his skilful arrangements, and to Steve P who had also ridden across from home.
I have to mention Gavin who with festive waistcoat and trilby reminded me of Arthur from the program “Minder “.

Special welcome to Dave and Neil, 2 new members as well as Steve W who we hadn’t seen for a while.

Finally I believe the food must have been good judging by the empty plates.

One last word for Laura for keeping us in check and best wishes to her when the baby arrives early February.