WW Tuesday Ride to Allerthorpe, with added variety, 28th November 2023

With the temperature no more than 1 degree eight Wheelers plus one guest assembled at BS Church dressed ready for the cold.
Keith, Pete D, Bob L, Stuart, Dave W, Neil P, Steve P, Mike our guest from Kirby Malzeard, supporting Stuart and your resident hack, me, Steve B.
None of us were expecting what was to be quite an eventful day. I had already posted the proposed route on WhatsApp the evening before.
Heading out of BS towards Tadcaster we all know what the congestion can be like with parked vehicles and only one lane free. So REALLY what was the articulated lorry doing coming up?
Once through our journey took us up Rudgate to Stutton, Ulleskelf and Cawood. Approaching Stutton we split into two groups. The quicker guys of Keith, Steve P, Neil, Pete D and Dave rode on ahead.
The remaining four set a steady tempo and maintained a knowledgeable chatter.
Mike had apparently known Stuart for a number of years, cycling together in Wales and despite 18 years continued to live at K M. He reminded me of Bob J with his saddlebag and helmet less head, but a scarf and woolly hat to keep the chill at bay.
We arrived at Cawood to see the front group loitering outside the corner shop. They shouted as we went past the bridge was closed. I immediately thought I’ve never seen the bridge closed there must be a river vessel coming through. Wrong, the barriers had come down and stuck, some motorists had been there half an hour!
The bridge man shouted they would be open in 3 minutes. What else could he say when the Road Captain had arrived. 😄😄
Across we went and onto Kelfield, Escrick, Wheldrake, Elvington and Melbourne. More on this shortly.
The faster group past us heading to Kelfield and with Keith double checking the route we let them crack on.
After the keffulle at Cawood we got back into our stride. Much to our enjoyment, well Christmas is coming, the roads at Elvington had been repaired with fresh smooth tarmac. Wonders never cease.
Crossing the bridge at Sutton on Derwent we were greeted with the view of flooded fields which immediately made me comment about the bridge to Melbourne being closed a few weeks ago. Sure enough the signs were out including not just road closed but pedestrians and cyclists couldn’t get through.
I hope the front group saw the instructions 😂😂😂😂
apparently not. Reading and riding requires multi tasking . 😂😂😂
At this stage we couldn’t be sure.
We rode on towards Barmby Moor planning to get to our destination via Thornton. The right turn to Thornton said road closed, albeit only half the road blocked, but knowing the route I felt comfortable taking it as it probably referred to Haggs Bridge at Melbourne.
Sure enough we were through and arrived at Allerthorpe. Country Park cafe for midday. Guess what, you’re right no front group. Keith had sent a message to say the bridge was closed, well we already knew that.
The four of us settled into hot drinks, food and cake, boy can they cook and bake. The quiche and chocolate cake demanded the question from me, do you take lodgers?
The breakfast baps also being popular.
Suffice to say the rest arrived to guffaws of derision, while we were eating. Apparently they didn’t take the Thornton road as they feared having to turn back again, instead they headed to Barmby Moor and came in via Pocklington. 😄😄
To be fair they took it in good humour.
Finishing first the four of us headed back via Thornton and I did ask they didn’t insult us too much once they caught us up.
The faster group caught us at Sutton on Derwent and for a short spell we were together before a tractor and a line of cars help fragment the peloton coming into Wheldrake.
Three were ahead and caught in the traffic , the rest of us took the back way through Wheldrake to the Crockey Hill road. Another phone call ☎️ where were we?, on ahead I said so more chasing back on for them.
We all briefly regrouped on Howden lane and the faster four cracked on. This left five of us, however Stuart despite having a back up electric pack was down to 6% and was worried. Mike kept an eye on him while the rest of us rode in front. Unfortunately another off piste event then happened. I rode onto the cycle path and saw Bob behind with the other three following. Bob must have not seen me ride up the track to the path and he went straight on. Steve P, Mike and Stuart joined me. Where was Bob, another phone call 📞 and no answer. Steve P and I waited for Bob allowing Stuart and Mike to keep going in view of his electric issue. We tried ringing again on the bridge and left a message. Pleased to say he got home safely via Stillingfleet, Cawood, Ulleskelf and Stutton. So much for controlling the ride, it was becoming Fred Karnos again.
Steve and I realising what had happened rode on via Copmanthorpe to Healaugh where we caught up with Mike and Stuart. The latter had come off and Mike was affecting some minor repairs. We then took our time back with Stuart’s bike not 100%.
Despite all a great ride even if it had got colder. Thankfully Stuart is okay and is more worried about his bike.

Thanks guys.
Another adventure! 🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️☎️📞🍰🌭