WW Saturday Ride to Boroughbridge, 25 November 2023.

With the temperature hovering around zero, six Eskimos set off from the Shambles for the Saturday ride to Boroughbridge via Bishop Monkton. Cold it was but you could be forgiven for thinking it was a summer’s day when looking out the window.
Well despite Sleepy’s absence Phil W, Pete’s C and D, Bob L, Alec M and me Steve B the Pen were ready to drive the Polar Bike train 🚂.
Our route took us through Knaresborough, Farnham and Bishop Monkton before turning east to Boroughbridge. It was only as we left Bishop Monkton did the temperature rise above 1 degree but with the breeze now with us it made the journey much easier.
Arriving at cafe Plenty we were greeted with no room at the Inn, which meant not the stables but a seat outside with a blanket. Pete made full use to protect his pins. 🦵🦿
Hot drinks and sandwiches plus cakes were happily consumed. We did tell stories about our past dogs 🐕 who had performed exceptional tasks. Pete C covered one of his dogs from his farm days fetching a gosling from the barn into the house, washing it and taking it back. Bob told us about carrying his dog well over a mile after it was injured, something I once did with mine on a Lake District hike. Plus teaching the same dog how to get across cattle grid.
Pete C gave us an update on his progress which surprise surprise meant extra massage needed. 😄😄😄 for his trapped nerve.
Leaving the cafe amid a volume of traffic our route took us through the Dunsforths to Great Ouseburn, onto Whixley and through Cattal to Walton. With the breeze at our backs the ride in the sun was most enjoyable.
We had happily agreed to let Pete D and Phil crack on, well they are quicker, which meant we didn’t see them again. Guess the breakaway took the stage honours.
At Walton we went our separate ways and even though the temperature barely crept up to 5 degrees it was an excellent ride.
Thanks guys.