WW Saturday Social Ride to Sherburn Aero Club, 18 November 2023.

Nick has been very prompt with his Sunday Ride report, yesterday we had family for lunch, no more excuses so I better get cracking with one for Saturday.
I had woken in good time and first job is to walk the dogs, it was a miserable start with drizzle in the air, didn’t feel too motivated, however once back and my porridge consumed I rode to the Shambles with Dave Westerman for the 9.00am start. As expected from the Watsapp messages just the two of us. As arranged we set off for BS to meet Pete C in constant drizzle. Pete was waiting at the church looking equally depressed.
However once we set off out of BS towards Tadcaster the drizzle cleared and the clouds started to lift. Does the word righteous come to mind. Well the three veteran Tough guys rode on towards Ulleskelf, Church Fenton, Ryther and Cawood. There was plenty of standing water in the fields but the roads were largely clear. We passed coming the other way the new member I believe, Sean as we shouted our pleasantries.
As I was leading the way, geographically speaking, I listened to the two Pop Pickers as they went through a music All Our Yesterdays. Roy Orbison, Elvis Presley, Burt Weedon, and others. Being more of a Blues fan I listened with interest and have to say it made the journey very enjoyable. It seems Dave’s years playing Rugby had brought him into contact with a number of people Pete knew.
From Cawood we headed towards Thorpe Willoughby before banking right back onto the Sherburn road and into the Aero Club.
The club was quiet and we were in no rush. Scones, Bacon sandwich and hot drinks didn’t take long to arrive in the festive surroundings.
The conversation again went back in time with the changes to policing compared to Pete’s 30 years chasing villains. Again Pete and Dave knew a few past officers they had come into contact with.
We then taxied to the road and took off.
Our route home was shorter passing through Sherburn, Lotherton and Aberford before we arrived at the top of Bramham where we parted company with Pete as we headed home. Dave and I rode back via the A168 and cycle path in to Wetherby.

We all agreed as is often the case we had made the effort. Very much like Nick and Graham.

Thanks guys.

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