sunday 19 Nov

Date Sunday 19 November
Destination Ilkley
Weather report Depends who you ask. Chance of rain
Who’s out? Graham and Nick

Some apologies for absence came in on What’s App so just two of us met at 9.30. I ( Nick), had to get home early so Graham agreed to join me in an abbreviated morning. Still, we had a pleasant ride- Sicklinghall, North Rigton and Almscliffe Crag, then down to Stainburn and Pool for coffee. The North Rigton- Almscliffe Crag- Stainburn section is especially attractive once you’ve done the fairly easy climb up to it and the autumn leaves on the trees caught the sun whilst those on the road called for caution on the steep downhill. A cyclist in the café assured us that we would get soaked in Wetherby later. Descending to Weeton I remembered Mark’s request at the AGM and paused for a photo. Near Dunkeswick , Graham got a thorn in his front wheel but it didn’t take long and we were still on schedule. No rain in Wetherby.