WW Tuesday Ride to Selby, 52 miles, 14 November 2023.

The previous evening the weather was looking uncertain in terms of rain but the wind would subside.
On the basis of this AI weather forecast a sensuous seven promised their attendance. The good news was very little rain for our proposed route. This moved our sensuous seven up-to a Fabulous Eight the following morning. Five met at BS church, Keith, Pete C, Stuart, Dave W and me Steve B. Three more were collected at Aberford, Gavin, Pete D and Neil.
Bob L had said last Saturday he would be out but instead he flew the country to Wales, Kathy also sent her holiday apologies from across the Pond.
It seems excuses are becoming more extraordinary by members having to flee the country rather than ride. However Steve P had the best excuse, arranging a Physio appointment on an official ride day, or was it a massage with a HE. 😁
Moving on we had a shower of rain before starting and didn’t suffer any rain until while we ate our lunch and only needed a short ride very late on in the rain.
Leaving BS our route took us past Bowcliffe Hall, on to Aberford and Micklefield. We turned off the old A1 down Westfield Lane riding to Lumby, Fairburn and on to Hillam. The quiet lanes always inspire. Passing through Birkin, West Haddsley and Temple Hurst our final section involved crossing Barlby Airfield (ducking under the flight path) and on into Selby and the Hub cafe.
Sheltering under a large umbrella we consumed eggs, beans, toast, cakes and drinks. Politics was discussed or should I say a new Hyde Park Corner was created. Just needed a soap box.
The cafe promised to have their excellent Christmas cake available soon.
Thankfully the rain stopped and we set off to Barlby, Riccall, Kelfield and Cawood.
Our journey had been largely peaceful all day but the extra rain showed its affect with a high river level and over flowing into the fields around Ryther especially.
We said our goodbyes to Gavin at Ulleskelf as he headed home. The rest of us rode through Stutton towards Bramham where we all broke off to go our separate ways home.

Glad we got out guys, many thanks.