WW Saturday Social Ride to Riccall, 40 miles, 11 November 2023

The festive song the 12 Days of Christmas has 9 Ladies Dancing, well the WW version has the 9 Crocks out Cycling. I can’t remember the last time we had such a great turnout.
The 9 elves were Phil W, Phil R, Glyn, only his third ride in the last few weeks after a long injury layoff, Geoff (great to see you) and me Steve B at the Shambles. More on the other four shortly.
The five of us headed up the cycle path next to the A168 and onto the 168 road up to Bowcliffe Hall before turning left to Toulston Lane. Not an easy journey with the sun low in the sky hindering our vision.
Phil R was on a change of bike, but it didn’t stop us Raleigh round him.
At the top of Windmill Hill the Boston Spa and Bramham revellers, namely Pete C, Bob L, Sean C and Stuart were there ready for action.
Stuart having recovered from his ills after Tuesday.
Splitting the group into two Phil W was too slow stepping backwards when a request for a volunteer to lead was requested. 😄🚴‍♀️
So off we went with Phil leading Sean, Glyn and Geoff in the first group and me leading the second.
Our route took us through Stutton, Ulleskelf, Cawood to Riccall. There were plenty of cyclists coming in the opposite direction on a lovely sunny day even if the temperature never got above 6 degrees.
We arrived at the Pickled cafe at Riccall shortly after Phil’s group. Great marshalling of the troops Phil.
It was obviously a popular choice as Keith and Darren were there with another friend.
The cafe is also the Post Office and has its own bakery with the sausage rolls, scotch eggs and cakes easily devoured.
Well a variety of sandwiches, savouries and cakes were duly ordered with the coffee.
The nine of us set off back on the six miles to Naburn on the very leafy and slippery cycle path. I missed it and didn’t dare ask for a rerun but Phil W lost his real wheel in hopefully not too bad a spill. 🚲 🍁
After Naburn our journey took us through Copmanthorpe, Healaugh to Wighill. Despite trying to get over his ailment Pete C couldn’t resist pulling the peloton along. Unfortunately it caused a split and we had to regroup in Wighill where recuperative jelly babies were issued.
We said our goodbyes at Walton and went our various ways home.

BIG well done to Glyn for riding across from Leeds and back, stuck to his task.
To Geoff who we don’t see to often on a Saturday.
Special Despatch to Phil W for leading group one.

Thanks guys enjoyed our ride.

Steve B