Wetherby – Bedale, Thursday 6th November 2023, 72 miles

Weather reasonable, dry but cool for most of the day, rain showers arriving for the last few miles.

Ride distance 72 miles.

The group meeting at the Shambles in Wetherby was Graham, Mike Bosomworth, Mike Brawley, Phil, Greg and me Pete D, Nick joining us as we left for Knaresborough. A second contingent joining the group at Piccadilly Motors Knaresborough, Dennis, Geoff, and Mike Daybell (New).

It was decided that Dennis would shepherd one group directly to Melmerby to meet up for coffee with the second echelon who under Graham’s leadership would wind their way on a longer ride through numerous villages to the coffee meet.

G’s group headed out on a convoluted ride through Arkendale, Grafton, Lower Dunsforth, Boroughbridge, Marton-Le-Moor and Rainton to arrive just after Dennis’s group.

We continued onto Bedale after coffee and sustenance as one group while maintaining safe spacing and ensuring we did not obstruct traffic.

While passing through Kirklington (I think) we had a close encounter at a minor junction when a car intending to cross the main road we were riding along appeared to slow at the junction but then for some strange reason accelerated across the road as we were about to pass. Fortunately, the driver saw the error of their way (thankfully) and stopped. A few robust comments were expressed towards the driver who quickly disappeared.

Lunch was taken at the 360 Cyclework Cafe, beans on toast with cheese seemed a popular choice, beans are a staple food for cyclists and are probably guilty of releasing many tonnes of obnoxious gas into the atmosphere. Phew.

Service was a little slow as there was only one person preparing the food but eventually, we all got fed and watered and ready to hit the road again.

It was decided that our return due to the possible lack of daylight would be via a well travelled route through West Tanfield, Ripon, Bishop Monkton back to Knaresborough,

The Knaresborough guys left us here and the remaining bunch continued homewards to Wetherby and beyond.

Rain decided to show itself as we left Knaresborough and rain jackets were donned by some and a swift pace was maintained back to Wetherby, Nick leaving us just before North Deighton to head for Tockwith.

Farewells were said and the remaining contingent headed to their homes after a good day riding and even the rain didn’t dampen our spirits.

Pete D