WW Tuesday Ride to Easingwold, 7 November 2023.

Hope you like a soap opera. 😄
On Monday evening the weather looked promising and with 10 stoic members indicating their attendance we were set for a strong turnout. Keith unfortunately couldn’t attend as he had Pantomime technical duties to complete and Kathy one of our regular riders was Florida bound.
Those expected at BS church were Neil, Bob L , Pete C,
Stuart, Dave W, Gavin, good to see you, Pete D, Steve P, the Garforth presence and me Steve B.
We had arranged to meet Bill at the A168 roundabout, well one of them.
Before leaving home I got a call from Fred to say he was now coming and I arranged to meet him at, you guessed it, an A168 roundabout.
Before leaving BS church we arranged two groups with five faster riders lead by Pete D setting off first with the ‘suggestion’ they went through Knaresborough to Boroughbridge with the plan we all arrive together at Easingwold. Well so much for plans. More later.
We set off back over the Wharfe to the Walton road and Wetherby and the A168. Not everyone’s favourite but it is direct and flat. Collecting Bill, Fred and a twelfth rider in Nick, waiting at a A168 roundabout.😄Riding on Nick was just doing a short run to BB and Stuart suffering with cold and a cough also chose to return at BB. Hope you are recovering Stuart.
At Thornton Bridge we headed to Brafferton, Raskelf then Easingwold.
Thornton Bridge so named after the bridge over the Swale. Originally owned by the Lord of the Manor before reverting to the crown.
At Easingwold Pete was feeling a little weary as this was his first long ride for a while and needed a breather like the rest of us.
We settled in the Fika cafe with coffee, hot chocolate, scrambled eggs and cake. We had arrived at 11.25 expecting the others to be close at hand.
The flags weren’t out but should have been as Fred also had a coffee. We had eaten, felt good for avoiding a short heavy shower and began to wonder where the fast group were. I tried ringing, no answer and no messages to say if all was well. After over half an hour they arrived as we were preparing to leave. They had ridden to Ripon? Missed the right turn to BB. Suddenly the day was taking on a Fred Karnos appearance. So an extra ten miles or more.
Pete wanted a shorter route back so Bill, Bob and Fred retraced their steps.
I stayed back to take the others on the full circuit.
six of us, Pete D, Gavin, Steve P, Dave, Neil and me set off to Huby, Sutton on the Forest before taking the Wiggington road south. The ghostly presence from Garforth on the front carrying out his media duties. We turned west briefly and then south to Skelton crossing the A19 to pick up the cycle path taking us to Poppleton. Crossing the A59 as we trundled on.
From there we picked up the cycle path to Rufforth but not before having to negotiate a fallen tree.
Finally onto Healaugh, Wighill and Walton where we said our goodbyes, not before medicinal jelly babies of course, and then we took our separate ways home.
Thanks guys and a good ride despite the route change.

No rain to trouble us apart from a few minutes while sat in the cafe.

Special thanks to Pete D for leading the fast group to Easingwold, to Bill, Bob and Fred for supporting Pete back to Wetherby.

Ps. I need to claim tax relief on the jelly baby issues.