WW Halloween Ride, 31 October 2023. Revised destination Sunnys cafe.

Five members of the WW Special Forces arrived for action at BS church. They were Kathy, our Intelligence Officer, Steve P, Maintenance guru, Pete D. Squad Leader, Dave W, new squad member, and me Steve B, Tail end charley.
Clearly the fear of Halloween ghosts deterring many others, or was it the weather!
I had in mind the previous evening to ride out to Ledston where last year their village display was excellent. However Pete and Steve had ridden from that general direction and it seemed a little unfair to subject them to ride back the way they came, plus the roads were probably very dirty and maybe flooded.
So we decided on a visit to Sunny’s cafe not far from Cycle Heaven. I know it was raining but we could at least dream.
Sunny,s came about with the Covid outbreak when Sunny decided on a career change.
Our route took us to Walton, Tockwith, Rufforth, Askham Bryan and through York to the Fulford road and our cafe stop.
Between Tockwith and The Marston Moor monument we were warned of the impending storm Ciairan when a very obliging motorist chose to accelerate past us through a large puddle on the wrong side of the road and drench us. Even though we were already wet didn’t stop us questioning his parentage.
Our ride through York got a little messy with traffic but we arrived safely.
A very pleasant lady served us coffee, scrambled eggs, beans on toast, baked potato and cakes. The eggs were as I remember,👌, and the baked beans must have been equally good as they didn’t touch the sides when Kathy and Dave got stuck in. Which left Steve to demonstrate his culinary approval by clearing his plate of baked potato 🥔.
Our table discussion touched on the subject of after the event of how we didn’t have a Covid plan and the various people appearing to criticise Boris etc. Very easy to criticise! People love to have a political dig.
Value for money 💰👌 at Sunnys.
Our route back was Fulford, Naburn, Stillingfleet, Cawood, Ulleskelf, Tadcaster and BS.
With a gentle breeze to assist we had a good ride home despite the increasing poor weather.
it didn’t stop us having a photo shoot at Cawood bridge and thankfully no paddling . Apparently Dave had been through when the water was running across the road.🌊
Cawood is notable for the Cawood sword, 🗡️, probably washed down the river a long time ago.
We said our goodbyes at BS but not before a medicinal jelly baby.

Thanks guys it way good ride and glad we made the effort.
Special thanks to Kathy, Steve and Pete for coming all the way out.