Boston Spa – Bolton Bridge, Wednesday 25th October 2023, 63 miles

Paul Hudson’s ears must have been burning this morning! The first conversation of the day was about how it wasn’t supposed to rain until lunch-time but, here we were in Boston Spa at 09:15 getting wet.

There were four of us caught in the rain shower, Steve, Bob, Neil and me (Keith) so we set off promptly heading through Collingham, Kirkby Overblow and Weeton. Around Castley, we met up with Phil R and pretty much straightaway split into two groups. Neil, Phil and I took the hillier route via Farnley while the others took the flat road through Pool. We regrouped at Otley and, as we did this the weather changed so we had a really pleasant ride on the back road to Ilkley and eventually to Bolton Bridge. After a very good lunch stop we came back through Addingham but it was raining again and the main road was busier than usual due to the A59 closure so we got on the back road as soon as we could to get to Otley. After that, it was sunshine after the rain for the gentle slog up the Chevin followed by a loop around Eccup reservoir before we hit Shadwell and Thorner. Steve left us at the link road, leaving the three Bramham riders for the final bit into Bramham.

We last did this route in May when the weather was significantly better but we still saw a fair bit of sun between the showers – another good day in the saddle!