Saturday Ride Report, 30 September 2023, Crockey Hill, 45 miles.

With Nick receiving additional training on how to play his pipes, apparently he is an aficionado on the Northumbrian pipes, it was down to me to step in and host the saturday ride.
Northumbrian pipes are similar to bag pipes but not as long and still need a bag of air to play them, so with the harp in full swing I’m sure jill loves the noise at home. Just a drum kit needed Nick.

With only a gentle breeze if any from the south and the promise of a fine morning before the promised afternoon rain, I chose the Pool Bridge Farm Cafe at Crockey Hill as our pit stop destination.
With just four out, well the weather is slowly getting cooler, I met up with Phil Robertson at the Shambles for a late start. He couldn’t find his gloves, a lame excuse if ever there was one. We set off for Walton to meet up with Bob L and Pete C. Pete was still on the recovery road so a steady one was in order. Our route took us to Taddy, Bolton Percy, Appleton Roebuck, Acaster Airfield/Malbis. Crossing the Ouse we took the cycle path and linked up with Moor Lane heading to Escrick and Wheldrake before turning sharp left for Crockey Hill and our cafe stop

The delay in starting late meant we had to queue behind six other cyclists over from Leeds. A pattern emerging here, if you are reading this Phil. This meant we were there for an hour before getting away, not that we were in any hurry. Scrambled egg on toast is always good here and Bob and I obliged wth Phil and Pete feeding their sweet tooth!
I had just been away to Suffolk for a weeks R and R so I regaled the guys with details of the area including the fifty water towers apparently in existence in Suffolk. I got the message when the snoring levels increased to change the subject.

Our route back was Howden lane to the cycle path over the Ouse. You will recall I mentioned the six riders we met at the cafe, very pleasant they were too. However as I approached the right turn for the track just under the bridge, signalling my intentions, it was very clear that entry was delayed due to a string of riders descending turning in both directions before we could enter. The pleasant six became a very careless six as they just steamed through oblivious to what was happening. Thankfully I hadn’t turned so avoided another piece of road rage!

The last stretch was Copmanthorpe, Healaugh and Wighill before we parted our ways at Walton.
Phil apparently hates the Copmanthorpe section so I suggested maybe he could organise another crossing of the river, maybe Acaster Selby. Could be waiting a while.
Phil and I headed for Wetherby where he put in an extra lap to round up his mileage to fifty.
Phil and I nicely avoided the rain but Pete informed me he and Bob didn’t, well the sun always shines on the righteous.

Thanks guys a good ride even if a little late back. Promise no more digs Phil.