Wetherby – Pocklington, Sunday 24th September 2023, 60 miles

Destination: Malton changed to Pocklington
Riders: Nick (reporting), Graham, Geoff and Bob (sort of)
Weather forecast: bad enough to deter some again

I had planned to contribute a few pedal turns to the York Cycle Campaign Mass Rally before going on to meet any others at the Breezy Knees Café. Alongside a seasoned campaigner I had my photo taken through the early morning mist,( or a mucky lens), before leaving the ride straight away because I didn’t want to keep the others waiting. I needn’t have worried. They had been held up by the Rally and gone a few yards with it so the Wheelers contributed a bit, one way or another. Out at Breezy Knees we checked the forecast repeatedly but it made no difference. Malton was still promised heavy rain. Geoff was going to turn back anyway. Bob phoned but was miles away, and Graham and I decided that Pocklington, being of less altitude might not get so much rain. Given that it was a bit nearer home if we did get drenched, we decided to go there. After some nice lanes Pocklington itself was quiet so the café at Allerthorpe got our shillings. The young lady on the till was confused by my order of beans with an egg so she called a senior who came over and told her that there is a special button on the till for cyclists!
Coming back, the wind which had been blowing all over the place in the morning gave us a good push up the stretch by Thornton but then decided to help us no more and I was very glad of a companion to help battling into it. The sun came out sometimes, just enough so we could chase our shadows and we arrived back home without any rain. Probably pelted in Malton though.