WW Tuesday Socal ride to York, 12 September 2023, 40 miles.

On Monday morning I looked at the weather and it was showing white cloud and fine all day for Tuesday, by the afternoon there were rain showers. Clearly the hallucinatory drugs the forecasters take were beginning to wear off. By Tuesday morning they were having withdrawal symptoms as it was 90% chance of rain in all directions, the true forecast.
Unperturbed four club stalwarts girded their loins and met at BS church. They were Wet Wet Wet, Pete D, Bob L and Stuart, plus extra Wet, me, Steve B.
Full marks go to Pete for cycling from Leeds to join us. Stuart blamed Bob for being so gung ho as he felt obligated to ride and I, as organiser, was expected to be there.
Whilst three of us had long bibs or leg warmers, one rugged soul was in his short bib, Mountain man Bob.
We decided to keep the ride a little shorter in view of the conditions and with rain still falling and the temperature at only 10 degrees we set off. Much colder than it has been.
Our route was back over the Wharf to Walton, Wighill and down to Tadcaster. From there we rode to Bolton Percy, Appleton Roebuck, Acaster Malbis, Bishopthorpe and across the Millennium bridge into York. We weren’t the only hardy folk enjoying a cold shower!
I remember saying to Stuart that electricity and water were not a safe mix as he was on his Electric bike, thankfully his rubber tyres no doubt kept any issues at bay.
Arriving at Cycle Heaven we we entered the premises to be greeted, cafe isn’t open. This despite the sign outside saying it was Monday to Sunday. Apparently new owners were now in charge of the nutrition. Fortunately the gentleman inside directed us to another cafe not far away, by the name of Sunnys. Up the road to the lights, left and two hundred yards down on our left. Perfect, if only the forecasters could be remotely that accurate.
We parked up and tethered our steeds, deciding not to sit outside as the place was open but no customers inside either. We were all glad of some respite and Pete especially as he was suffering with cold hands.
Our timing was perfect since having ordered, the place soon attracted many more customers.
With the three Wet Wet Wet tucking in to scrambled eggs on toast and me with beans on toast we soon perked up. I suspected they never got scrambled eggs at home hence their gleaming enjoyment as they demolished them, wile we listened to Dusty Springfield serenading us. “You don’t having to say you love me just be close at hand”.
Alas it was time to return home, so with the rain still falling we set off back over the river, the Ouse was a lot higher than usual, to Bishopthorpe, Copmanthorpe and Askham Richard. Thankfully we didn’t need a ferry.
It was leaving Bishopthorpe that the rain subsided and the skies lifted, leaving us somewhat drier conditions for the rest of our journey.
Pete peeled off after AR to Tadcaster and home with three of us heading to Wighill and Walton where we said our goodbyes and turned for home.
Once out in the weather it seemed no problem and a cold shower is always refreshing. It maes the hot one at home more enjoyable.

Thanks guys a good ride.