WW Saturday Social Ride to Bishop Monkton and Boroughbridge, 9 September 2023,

Just 4 out for a 40 mile circuit, Bob L, Stuart, Sean and me Steve B.
We were fortunate there was early light cloud to keep the temperature down but it soon got up to 30 degrees later in the ride.
While waiting for the clock to roll over to the equivalent of Kilometer Zero, Sean noticed one of his rear stays looked longer and was slightly curved, something he he had not noticed before. We all looked and wondered if it was normal or whether he had been sold a “pup”. Didn’t detract from his riding though.
Setting off we took the usual route out to Knaresborough, Scriven, Farnham, Copgrove and the Ripon road onto Bishop Monkton, with everyone sharing the workload.
On the run to Copgrove we passed a determined peleton going the other way, with barely enough time to acknowledge each other. Well they were going down hill as we went up!
with a light westerly we made full use turning to Boroughbridge and duly arrived at 10.45.
it was surprisingly quiet and we sat outside in the shade enjoying tea, coffees, cake and sandwiches.
On a sombre note we acknowledged the disaster which had struck Morocco, with the large number of deaths.
The conversation covered in detail the issue of punctures especially affecting tubeless tyres. The issue of inserting plugs and the care to have the right tyre pressures, not to mention the difficulty removing tyres from aero wheels. We moved on and compared injuries caused by not dis ounting our bikes correctly, I believe the mountain bike term is stacking it!

Our route home was through the Dunsforths, Great Ouseburn, Thorpe Underwood, over the Wixley bump, Cattal and up Rudgate to Walton for our debrief and home departures.

Leaving Boroughbridge we passed coming in the opposite direction some vintage classic cars looking very splendid. Unfortunately I couldn’t tell you whether they were a Riley, Alvis, Austin, Rolls, Morris, Armstrong Siddeley, Clyno, Bentley, Humber, Hudson as my knowledge doesn’t stretch to such detail.

Again sharing the work we headed home in the increasing heat and have to say an enjoyable morning’s riding.
Thanks for the company guys.